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    Interferometers with unequal arm lengths

    Can you gain information that a pair of particles is entangled by running this test, or would the test lead to decoherence?
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    Interferometers with unequal arm lengths

    "...That you could check" is exactly right. When people talk about observers, it's the "could" that really matters, not that a real person or cat or atom is around to do it.
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    Quantum Fluctuations

    I'm not sure you have a viable model of anything without presupposing the vacuum. If you don't have it, then you're breaking QM statistics from the get-go.
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    Blackbodies and Maxwell's Whole Number Wavelength Theory

    Ask yourself, how would you envision such a wavelength in a piece of string? For the second part of your last question, I'm not sure what you mean, but I think you have a wrong idea about the energy carried by a wave, in terms of wavelength vs. amplitude.
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    Limits of Macroscopic Entanglement

    I don't think this applies to magic (I HOPE it doesn't...), but there is the apparent role of non-locality in the operation of photosynthesis, which is at least part of a very macroscopic system. As for Voodoun, I'm not sure that you're every going to rectify the practice of a religion with...
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    Absolute Zero - No Entropy -Quantum Jiggles?

    I'd assume he or she means that all motion ceases, down to quantum level, violating the HUP, and maybe a host of other quantum phenomenon that are often lumped together. Probably a good explanation of why you never CAN get to AZ.