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    Physics Do medical physicists understand anything about universe?

    lol, seriously? Medical Physics is just another physics subspecialty. We all get General Physics, Light & Atomic Physics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, E&M, etc., as well as math Diff Eq, Ab Alg., Lin. Alg, etc. Now, as far as the "universe" is concerned, no we don't have any intense...
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    Physics Med physics grad school

    From AAPM on this topic Once you pass the ABR, no one will care, IMO. It appears the program must at least be in the process of obtaining CAMPEP status. If you aren't ABR cert., you will be toast in the US market, IMO
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    Physics Dosimetry vs Medical Physics

    I'm lucky to have a first class CMD. She can crank out IMRT plans for almost anything faster than most physicists I know. But, yes, it's been pretty good over recent years. No more TBI, TBE, no more electron arcs, no radiopharmaceutical use in the department, etc. Since I left the University...
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    Physics Medical Physics VS Medical Dosimetry

    In the old days, this was the usual case. There have been dosimetry programs around for years (just not JRCERT), although they didn't require getting a BS. Programs such as . These programs were geared towards RTR and RTTs to train at a more intense level than the old...
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    Physics Dosimetry vs Medical Physics

    IMO, either the CMDs at your place have a very generous pay package, the physicists are getting ripped big time, or you are mistaken. In my 30 plus years, dosimetrists have never come close to physics pay, as a class. There are some exceptions. I can remember talking with a post doc at MDACC in...
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    Sick of being underemployed!

    While you will always be your parents "child', you are an adult. You need to make your own decisions. If you choose to take care of your parents as they age, which is a good thing, you need to do it within YOUR frame of reference. Personally, there is no way in hell I would buy a house and have...
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    Working as an RA before grad school

    A couple of thoughts. Publishing creditable work is never a negative and should be somewhat helpful in job shopping, if relevant to the job. Getting an RA/TA position and going to graduate school are not mutually exclusive. I had a TA position in college and an RA position in graduate school...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    Totally agree. Back in the early 90s I used a recruiter and lined up an interview for a job that I eventually accepted. The COO told me they hand about 200 resumes, of which 5 were adequately qualified, but only 3 of us worth interviewing. HR started culling resumes for the correct graduate...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    I can only speak for my field, medical physics, as I have been out of research and radiological health physics for many years. If you take the time to go to college (4yrs), a CAMPEP graduate program (2yrs), and a CAMPEP residency (2yrs), pass the ABR board exams, and can work as a team...
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    Every job I have ever had after college was boring

    Others have already told you the obvious. This isn't school. Your employer isn't there to teach, although they may need to bring you up to speed on a project. You're expected to use your knowledge as an asset to bring value to the company that issues your pay check. In your new job, you've been...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    Didn't know you are Aussie. I'm assuming you are since the job statistics site you linked is there. I have no idea what the market or requirements are there. However, you keep linking "physicists" as if we are all the same. Global statistics like those are, IMO, useless. Pick a physics career...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    Medical physics requires a Medical Physics graduate degree. There are a few programs which have lumped medical physics in with biophysics. However, to get certified (which will generally be required for a job in the US) you need to go to a CAMPEP approved program These...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    Preferable is a relative thing. Preferable money, research, free time, etc.? I do more fulfilling work as a medical physicist, but I had more fun as a health physicist. I make much more money as a medical physicist. I busted my butt as a health physicist during outages, and I sit on my ever...
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    Physics Are physicists underpaid or is it a misconception?

    It is a bad idea to link all physicists, as if we all do the same things. I can't link our professions salary survey conducted by AAPM for legal reasons. As a medical physicists, we make much more than your link would indicate. A couple of gross numbers from the survey that ignore experience...
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    Motivation in demotivating environment

    You already know. IMO, you need to do what you don't want to do. Move on. Like many my age, I know the uncertain feeling of walking away from the "known" into the unknown, even when the known is bad. The kind of stress you are trying to accommodate will just eat away at you, and it already...
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    Engineering Green jobs in physics, environmental engineering, other sciences?

    Agreed. Even if the work you are best at doing never has anything to do with green energy, etc., you can always work green, promote working green, and live green. Some of us only contribute in our own little ways. It adds up.
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    Physics What do most do with a M.S. in Medical Physics?

    Several reasons. Positions aren't as many because a diagnostic medical physicist is "overhead". Unlike therapy, where most of what we do generates money, that's just not the case in diagnostic. Yes, we provide better imaging support, save them money by not having to contract out annual...
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    Physics What do most do with a M.S. in Medical Physics?

    Most of us do radiation oncology and a bit of diagnostic radiology physics on the side, if they have the ABR certification for it. The money is in the radiology oncology physics, as far as staff positions go. The AAPM description is pretty good, but I'd suggest checking into ghosting a medical...
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    Career guidence

    Not always. I was a senior scientist for Battelle PNL. I spent a little time doing research, but the my time was running around the country doing onsite NUREG 0654 EP appraisals and drills after TMI, and when I wasn't running around the country, I was sitting in my office going through site...
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    Interested in the dosimetrist career path

    I don't know that I would agree with you completely. To be sure, having some basic knowledge as an RTT would help, but it's not necessary. Remember the days when the RTT needed to be an RTR first? Not anymore. More significantly, the dosimetrist's boss and teacher is a physicist. In 30 plus...
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    Nine Months Later - Career Guidance Still Needed More Than Ever

    I have to say, I think some comments have been harsh without being constructive. I was trying to be realistic about what I saw in your words. Things like "I re-started at the same program but was essentially "forced out" because I couldn't keep up with the advanced course-work in a time-frame...
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    Nine Months Later - Career Guidance Still Needed More Than Ever

    First off. Your attitude needs adjustment. Sorry, no nice way to say that. You have the gift of an intellect and the curse of a mental illness. At least you're not someone with the IQ of a peanut and mentally sound. It sounds like your illness is controlled with meds, but the meds impact other...
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    Physics Medical Physics VS Medical Dosimetry

    This is an old post and not current. There are other threads discussing this. Short version: go to You will find 3 certified programs for a BS in medical dosimetry: Thomas Jefferson (Philly), CARTI (Little Rock), and MDACC (Houston). Call them for the details of what...
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    Physics Medical Physics, Path to Take?

    Go to and look at CAMPEP schools. Medical Physics requires at least an MS, although a PhD is better for some things. If you are still looking for college level information, I'd consider getting a BS in Medical Dosimetry from a JRCERT college, which would get you a substantial jump...
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    Entry Mech Eng salary lower than expected?

    I would contact a recruiter. They may be able to help get you set up with companies that will not publicly advertise, but the can tell you if the money is right for your desired location, education, experience, licensure, etc.
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    Physics Physics vs Medical field

    Always. Too many interesting things to read and too little time :smile: My first post only speaks to probability. I think you introduced "chance". The point is taken. There are clearly unreasoned attacks of evolution. However, evolution is not without holes, and where there is a hole...
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    Physics Physics vs Medical field

    In a very general sense, I understand how abiogenesis works. Similarly, I see how the building blocks of life can be formed, as demonstrated in the Miller and Urey experiment . I am a scientist, I don't have a problem with the proven...
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    Physics Physics vs Medical field

    I don't know that I'd go so far as to say a small minority . While I would agree that few physicists likely take a blanket approval of all religious tenets as fact, I suspect there are more than you would think that believe there is more to our existence than a jumble of atoms that just happened...
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    Engineering Engineering or Physics

    IMO, MEs will always have good job prospects. If you're "a mech kind of guy", then I'd pass on the change. That "love with physics" may jump up and bite you in the butt as classes really advance and the difficulty peaks. I would stick with what you have a knack for doing.
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    Physics Does it matter if a physics internship is paid or not?

    Whether or not the position is funded only matters to you. I was a TA, and no one cared about my pay. I got in-state student rates/status for it, so was fine for me. If you are doing any significant amount of the scientific work, hopefully, you'll get mentioned in the publication. Publications...