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    Places to Dress Up

    My daughter is big time into swing dancing. There are classes and dances almost weekly that are mutli-generational, but mostly young folks (late teens and twenties). They dress up and have a blast. The lessons are cheap, dances are pretty cheap, and the outdoor dances at the local park are free...
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    News Obama vs Romney

    Seriously! I can't imagine the thought process that would see this a positive for anyone. I don't know if any other President has done something lilke this "The Times notes that people familiar with Bush's routine say he has written letters personally to every one of the families of the more...
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    News Obama vs Romney

    I'm not so sure. I think the Democratic base was infused, but for me, it was a "here we go again" moment. Blame, blame, blame, and Democrats are just victims of Republicans, even though Obama and the Democrats had absolute control of the legislative and executive branches of government for his...
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    News Obama vs Romney

    I'm hoping for a comeback by Nader and the Green Party or to pull some votes off Obama hehe
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    News President Barack Obama answers questions on Reddit

    What a bunch of garbage! This is the same guy that passed up public funding so he could raise more money using his machine. From,_2008 "Barack Obama's fundraising broke previous records for presidential primary and general...
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    School parking citation

    It's that kind of thinking that paid my way through college (family full of lawyers). Clients with principles and money. :smile: IMO, bottom line is you likely broke the terms of your parking permit by parking on the grass. I'd be willing to bet somewhere in the fine print it says something...
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    Losing Family/Friends

    I was around 6 when I lost a 2.5 yr old brother to illness, and in the same year, I lost 3 grandparents. Over the next 10 years, I lost 3 aunts and uncles. Next 10 years, I lost another aunt, uncle, cousin, and great aunt. Next 10 years, I lost another uncle. My parents are on the back side of...
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    Funding for a college math club

    IMO, when in doubt, call math and science department alumni. Look for those that have obtained more significant positions in their companies, and ask them if they'd mind helping to sponsor the math club. Give them a realistic dollar number you'd need for startup and ultimately what you'd like to...
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    News Dispute Resolution?

    I come from a family full of lawyers, judges, etc. As far back as I can remember, the refrain is always the same "The law is a set of rules for resolving disputes and not about justice in any one person’s eye." Justice, IMO, is a perspective that people of good will can differ given the same...
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    Snake Cake - Would you eat it?

    I grew up in a family with a mother that is a fantastic cook. Even though she is in her late 80s now, she is still one of the best cooks I know. With a father and 5 sons, deserts were always around. By far, the favorite desert was her yellow cake with chocolate icing. BUT, we also knew the...
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    News Romney's VP pic prediction [Broken] Kind of interesting approach. I did notice a couple of things. "6.If the marriage is not performed on the date stated in the order, a new marriage commissioner appointment order must be obtained." That seems like a bit of a hassle, if the planned...
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    Canadian shoppers invade US

    So true. I can remember going golfing in Canada and with something like 57cent dollars golfing at some of the best places in Alberta and BC several years ago. Places like
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    News Romney's VP pic prediction

    I don't see that as an "or"
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    News Romney's VP pic prediction

    Well, as a percent of any GDP under Obama, I'd have to agree. I suspect Ryan's planning on a much larger GDP by 2050. I think if Obama had not wasted some much time with ACA, bailouts, green energy, union favors, stopping US energy production, met more with business leaders about what it would...
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    News Romney's VP pic prediction

    I think all the things you listed are conservative values, and not limited to Fundamentalist values. As for the first Vote you listed, I see no reason the federal government should be paying for optional after the fact birth control. I do support funding for rape, incest, and to save a...
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    Do you think having a boyfriend/girlfriend while in college lowers performance?

    I think Choppy has it right. Also, any relationship in college that is bound to happen will happen. You just don't plan these things. You do have to assess each relationship individually. IMO, there is no universally correct answer. If the person you connect with is too demanding on your time...
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    News Romney's VP pic prediction

    I suspect the emphasis is to make clear that in this election "It's the economy, stupid" will once again be front and center. Hence, the Ryan pick makes perfect sense. IMO, I think the Republicans may have a shot at the younger crowd with the recent report that for the first time in history...
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    News What has the US done to tackle gun shootings?

    I think you are referring to "deinstitutionalisation". This came about during JFKs time with the Community Mental Health Act .
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    News Tax fraud in Individual Taxpayer Identification Number program

    As the article states, the ITIN system is often used for non-citizen tax payers. The fraud here is, IMO, beyond outrageous. Since non-citizens are one of the user classes of ITIN and these folks in the article clearly don't have a problem falsifying a government document, it would seem to me...
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    News Tax fraud in Individual Taxpayer Identification Number program

    This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil. Summary: FWIW, ITIN is Individual Tax Identification Number 154 Mailing address used for 1,000 or more ITIN...
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    News What has the US done to tackle gun shootings?

    Or, the more reliable 10 round magazines wouldn't have jammed, like in the CO shooters drum magazine, and more would have died. I've been an NRA Life Member for more than 40 years. I started hunting/shooting at 8 and competitively as soon as I was old enough. IMO, the problem with most gun...
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    News Romney's threat to Iran with war

    You seem to concentrate on conventional war "solutions", which I think are unlikely scenarios. IMO, "war" in Iran would be like dropping a bomb to kill a roach. The more likely solution, IMO, is a return to what has worked in the past ...
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    News Romney's threat to Iran with war

    Do you even know any Persians? That's not what my Persian friends are saying. The power (guns, etc.) have gotten so one sided, they can't do much. True, my friends don't want their families to get bombed into the Stone Age, but they look more toward decapitation as an option. It’s not like we...
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    News What was NOT banned

    They are Republicans, so I don't see an issue. Either you believe in the right to legally carry or you don't. You can't turn your back on what you believe if you believe it is a fundimental Constitutional right. HOPEFULLY, the State did a good job screening the permit holders.
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    A ranking of college majors by IQ score

    lol, you actually think a man can win an argument with his wife?
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    News Romney's threat to Iran with war

    I absolutely agree. We (the US) probably did what will best serve the Iraq people in the long run. The previous Iraq government was about as hostile toward it's own population as it can get. Since it was "Bush's war", I'm not sure people will ever come to realize that we did the best thing for...
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    News Romney's threat to Iran with war

    I don't think you statement is entirely accurate. I was pretty well known during the Clinton administration that there was a significant amount of anthrax unaccounted for. While the nuclear program in Iraq had been on hold, it hadn't been given up...
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    News Romney's threat to Iran with war

    IMO, he said the same thing every President has said since the issue with Iran and nukes started i.e. "All options on the table" = "Stop or else" = "military action" This is nothing new. Different words; same meaning. How?