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    Schools Chapman University: Taking General Physics I Without Ever Having Taken Calculus

    No, not if it's calculus based physics, which is usually a class for Physics/P.chem/Chem. Eng./etc. majors only. IMO, you are in the wrong class. Physical Therapy shouldn't be any more than Physics for non-majors (not calc based). Get the heck out of there before it's too late, lol!
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    Is it time to quit?

    Are you one of those people that have test paralysis? Is there material you feel you just don't know well enough? Are you going into the tests relaxed and well rested or are you cramming until the last minute (bad idea, btw)? Rather than looking here, you need an informed objective opinion. I'd...
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    Impossible to understand physics teacher!

    My first year college physics teacher was from China. Durta Wee was "Delta V". You will eventually catch on. Be patient. However, make use of tutors and don't wait until you are lost. Consider finding or forming a study group, as it can help you throughout your college years. Stay on top of the...
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    Education and Career assessment tool

    I post this here since this seems more about psychology profile, and IMO software tools that evaluate the person. The general tools that ask if you’re good in math, analytic skill, etc. really aren’t adequate. I've been going back a forth with my 17 yr old son about college. What do you want to...
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    Anybody that did NucEng grad work at UMich or GATech among others?

    Back in my day, GA Tech had its own 5 MW research reactor (Neely Research Center), AGN, duel hot cells, irradiation system into the reactor for neutron activation, etc. The school was separate "The School of Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics", with first class facilities and staff. Most of...
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    What GPA should an undergrad aim for to get into a decent physics grad program?

    That’s just what I was thinking. You work to maximize your GPA to the extent your skill set permits. While research opportunities may or may not exist for you, I'd also consider other opportunities such as...
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    Is BS not enough for a job in Aerospace engineering?

    I suggest you contact the University departments that you are interested in and ask them about placement as a BS vs. MS. They'll know best how their graduates are doing getting work. They may also be able to help you with which companies would foot the bill for an advanced degree. I would also...
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    So You Want To Be A Physicist Discussion

    I know :smile: That's why I started the second part with "On the serious side..."
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    So You Want To Be A Physicist Discussion

    Add up the number of physics graduates each year and compare to the available slots in Physics Today, and it looks like fast food staff will be over-qualified for the time being. On the serious side, perhaps you would consider starting a moderator locked or moderated thread like this one that...
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    Texas Republican Party 2012 Education platform

    To get the bang for the buck we haven't gotten in generations. IMO, left wingers equate education with money spent. Whenever I hear about education standards, it seems it's followed with how much money is spent in school district A vs. B. At least that’s my perception. As I've said before, I...
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    Texas Republican Party 2012 Education platform

    Short list. Values such as personal responsibility vs. collective responsibility, sex education, abstinence, hunting, right to keep arms, death penalty, politics in general that push any viewpoint over another, anything that belittles another’s opinion when the teacher disagrees, etc. My kids...
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    Texas Republican Party 2012 Education platform

    The platform on education also reads : “Basic Standards – We favor improving the quality of education for all students, including those with special needs. We support a return to the traditional basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, and citizenship with sufficient discipline to ensure...
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    Options for continuing education with inability to take out loans

    You won't get out of the physical training, but there are electronics, geek type jobs, etc. in the military that don't require you to go out and shoot things. My brother-in-law worked in engineering construction (ECB) and the service engineers that work on our accelerators are mostly ex-military...
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    Options for continuing education with inability to take out loans

    Have you looked into Pell grants? If you have family that is or was military, sometimes there is money from the local VFW Post, American Legion Post (if family belongs), etc. Some colleges have private scholarships for people from "X" state, or in...
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    Programs Can someone do a double major( 2 majors) and one minor?

    Just one degree I had 2 majors and 1 course short of a math major and 1 short of a computer major. You just pick which shows on the degree. At least that's how it worked for me.
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    Programs Can someone do a double major( 2 majors) and one minor?

    Yes. I had a friend that really wanted to finish her majors. She intentionally skipped taking a course so she wouldn't graduate on time. She wanted to finish with another major. She majored in Chemistry, Biology, and Math, and she was close to a major in Physics too. omg, and she maintained a...
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    Am I smart? Math and Physics

    It isn't as much working harder as working smarter. So, you're pretty good at math, but having issues in physics. Perhaps, you already identified your own lack of understanding the concepts (applying what you think you know) as an issue, and I would say that is "the issue". As much as math is a...
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    Schools I got kicked out of my University. Do I still have a chance at Grad school?

    IMO, you still need some self assessment. "interest" and "aptitude" for a subject are different. From what you are posting, I'd have to ask if you really possess the skill set to travel this road? If you decide to proceed, start out with a full course load on manageable classes, perhaps largely...
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    Schools Worth it to Apply to Private Colleges? The "list price" for private colleges can be misleading (see above). As turbo stated, the larger institutions can have a greater selection. However, large classes, more time with TAs than Profs in some...
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    Programs Could i get a masters and someday phd in physics with bs in engineering?

    Agreed. I would add, you should attempt to be practical. Examine careers in depth before you choose. Your first year is pretty generic, and the core requirement classes for physics and engineering are like to overlap. e.g. math, classical physics, etc. I started out as a Chem Eng major and...
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    Schools High School Internships

    Check out also
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    Programs Earning a second bachelors degree after already having a bachelors degree

    If you are doing this at the same institution, it should just be meeting the additional course requirements. If a new institution, they may limit the transfer hours they will take. Just need to ask.
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    Programs Biomedical Engineering major, Math minor

    There's always R&D going on with big companies like Philips, GE, Siemens, J&J, etc. in medical imaging, monitoring, etc. devices. IMO, it's never too early to start making connections. I'd contact them, and let them know you are interested in the technical/mathematical development and...
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    Schools Why X college? essays

    Here's what my old school says about the essay, and doing it right is VERY important. [Broken]
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    What to do when you get undeserved grades

    We don't all see things the same way. IMO, the only answer is to sit down with the Prof and discuss where he/she felt you fell short. I had a Prof that would give a lower grade if I didn't work to what he felt was my potential, even when it was better than others. My takeaway lesson: No such...
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    How do you fit your studies/job around the rest of your life?

    Guess I'm going to show my age here, but back in the 70s the entry point was MU BASIC for non-majors. It had most of the elements of programming and it was nothing short of dirt simple to learn and write. However, IMO, if you really want to program, you really need a more fundamental...
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    Testing Choosing a specialisation

    Assuming you’re as good at math as I understand you to state, I doubt either path will kill your GPA. What do you want to do after college and graduate school with your degrees? Have you researched careers? The degree is a parchment symbolizing your educational achievement, but it's only a step...
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    Programs Will I have issues getting into PhD programs from a very, very low-ranked school?

    Your GPA matters, but your GRE will also tell a school if you know your stuff. Two brothers and I all went to small private colleges, and we all went to some pretty nice graduate schools. You may have an issue with the most competitive schools, but there are many fine college and graduate...
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    What are my chances in future physical science/math with these grades?

    It’s time (or past time) for you to have an informed assessment. Set up a time with each of your professors and discuss your performance in each of their classes. They should be able to tell you honestly where you stand compared to where the rest of the class is and where you should be. e.g...
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    Medical Physicist vs Medical image processing?

    The field is fine in the US. The last projections from AAPM are for need to outpace supply. The following is from an AAPM workforce study: “The annual number of new board-eligible MPs required to meet demand for medical physics services was projected to increase from 158 to more than 190 for...