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    Other Should I Become an Engineer?

    Im in pretty much the same situation, and it seems like the answer is electrical engineering. There are opportunities to specialize in signal processing, for example, at the grad level
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    AP Physics B with a Calculus Based Book?

    APB is more general and covers many more areas like thermo, nuclear physics, and optics. None of it is too challenging, but its probably not in your textbook. APC goes very in depth on two subjects: mechanics and E&M. If you dont want to buy another textbook, you should get some sort of AP guide...
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    AP guide

    The APC exams test your knowledge of physics, not calculus. If youre motivated, youll be able to do well on the mechanics exam with little calc background. BTW theres no need to take math 1 and 2 SATIIs. Its typically one or the other. Math 2 usually has a fair amount of trig. When colleges say...
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    Big Math Problem

    I wouldnt try the Calc BC exam this year with no knowledge of precalc (exponential and trigonometric functions). Try to get into a precalc class to prepare you for next year. If you feel ambitious, start to look up the beginnings of limits and derivatives on your own, but dont take a whole class
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    Schools High School Physics organizations

    No science club or science league??
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    If AP Environmental Science is looked down upon, should I take it?

    In my school, APES is looked down upon because its basically for the people who couldnt get into AP Bio. They usually underestimate the exam and do poorly on it. From what I hear, its hard to get a 5
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    Parallel/Series Circuit Website?

    When you get the hang of things, check out this circuit simulation. Design your own circuits and check your work:
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    Schools High School Guidance

    I guess your counselor didnt tell you there are 3 AP Physics exams, either. AP Physics B is a broader, more general exam without calculus. AP Physics C requires calc and is split into 2 full length, specialized exams: Mechanics and E&M
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    AP Physics

    If youre willing to work hard. AP Physics B tests general knowledge of a wide range of subjects, so you might have to go faster than your honors physics class. What are you up to now?