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    Please help with this paragraph of the article, i dont understand

    oh my god !! i forgot about that !! thnx for the refreshing course guys
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    Please help with this paragraph of the article, i dont understand

    i think the paper is missing some explanations. Gradian or gradient? i never heard of gradian, but gradient is a difference between values of the same constant. like the velocity gradient would be the difference between two velocities in a certain amount of time. Potentiality is the ability to...
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    Simulating heat transfer as a function of time between two bodies

    Well since u gonna write a program about it i will assume theres nothing in betweent the bodies and they are directly connected, so the driving force is conduction heat transfer. Assuming that A and B have thermal conductivity of ka and kb respectively. Ta and Tb are wall temperatures at each...
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    Dynamics of water under pressure/velocity?

    i think antifreeze is the best solution. and besides i think freezing point varies with pressure and not with velocity, u can find formulas in physics books about it. the higher the pressure the lower the freezing pt.
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    Bullet accuracy

    well what you're asking for is the variation of the bullet from its straight line path due to gravity. u can calculate this using projectile motion, and yes its dependant on speed. lets start the equations.lets consider the initial height from which the bullet is fired to be the reference...
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    A question about floating

    yes actually the overall density of an object is related to center of gravity and composition of the boat, since the boat is not the Al. part only but also the air inside the total volume, this what makes it lighter than water
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    A question about floating

    yeah i've heard about making a concrete slab float, very difficult to do, we really had headaches when this problem was given to us...