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    Satellites: Radiation Pressure

    Radiation pressure is often liable to induce roations in spacecraft as well as translations. The rotations can be compensated for with the spacecraft's attitude control system (e.g. reaction wheels). If the translations induce a significant deviation from the intended path, these can be...
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    Venus transit question

    Then it came from TRACE.
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    Venus transit question

    Over on another forum, someone posted this image of the transit from TRACE: [Broken] The apparent 'bobbing' motion of venus is the effect of parallax due to the satellite's orbit about the earth...
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    Venus transit question

    I don't think the field rotation is significant in this clip.
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    Looking for a good book

    Shouldn't there be a distinction made between celestial mechanics and astrodynamics? I thought that astrodynamics was the name given to the more practical engineering aspects of spacecraft dynamics, control and navigation. Whereas celestial mechanics is looking only a planets and their...
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    Equasions (help )

    A little late, but there are some books you might want to check out to assist with this sort of stuff: Practical Astronomy with your Calculator, Peter Duffett-Smith (Cambridge University Press). Practical Astronomy with your Personal Computer, Peter Duffett-Smith (Cambridge University...