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    An absolute beginner

    Ultimately this amounts to a semantic quibble over what "derived" means. It could go on indefinitely if we wish to invoke an appeal to popularity fallacy; Googling 'Java "derived from C++"' without single-quotes comes to a Google estimate of 1.02 million results. I suppose some of them could be...
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    C/++/# C++ problem

    Can you do this? Do you want to?
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    C/++/# C++ Quiz starts here >

    Struct is default public, class is default private. What's the difference between a virtual destructor and a virtual function?
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    Free small OS code?

    OS/161 is designed to teach undergraduate students about operating systems over four months. That's what they used to teach me in third-year. I honestly don't know if it's still good to learn from without a lecturer. [Broken] It's inspired by, but...
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    C/++/# How to debug a c or c++ program?

    If the code is small, use printf as he said, but follow these printf calls with the line: fflush(stdout); Otherwise if your program crashes in runtime it might not print everything that it is supposed to (output is buffered, and fflush clears out the buffer). You have no idea how confusing it...
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    C/++/# Help with c++ program for series

    Yeah, initialize them to zero and make finchie's changes, and it should do what you describe.