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    Vista OS

    Just so not everybody is offering a dissenting opinion: I upgraded to Vista on my machine. Vista was free for me (in fact, for unrelated reasons received a free copy of Vista Business and a free copy of Vista Ultimate). I would not ever want to go back to Windows XP if I can help it...
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    Top Video Game Vixens…thoughts?

    Dude, did you sign up on every forum on the Internet to post that? Is this some form of marketing? Look up "Top Video Game Vixens" on Google, with quotes. The same username with the same post over and over and over. First post everywhere. Does Playboy pay you directly, or are you...
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    Help on Buying a New Laptop

    Whoops, looks like my reply got weirdly cut off. It's Core 2 Duo, not Core Duo 2. Yeah, it's weird. And anyway, it pretty much beats anything, but it's rather high-end at this point, and you wanted cheap. Regular Core Duo is good stuff and a bit cheaper. If you see Centrino Duo, those are...
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    Help on Buying a New Laptop

    I've seen it a thousand times. People have laptops which they always use plugged in, but they might take them to work (and plug them in), or a relative's house, or even within the house between the bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement, or whatever. A desktop and all the accompaniments and...
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    Windows fights gmail?

    Gmail is too still in beta. It's been a very, very long beta, but if you look at the gmail logo, the word BETA is in the bottom right. IE 7 is also still in beta, in case that's what confused you. Andre: this isn't Microsoft's fault, at least, not on purpose. Either you had some very...