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    My grade on 4.0 scale

    Wow, all these people putting an 80 at 2.7 or a C. Such a skewed scale. In my elementary and high schools, that's an A by just a hair, and there was no "-" or "+". At the University of Toronto, that's an A- (just barely) and gets 3.7 (the link from the guy above didn't work for me, so I'm...
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    Schools Hoping For A Full Scholorship To A University

    I had a very similar situation four years ago, though I was applying to Software Engineering at University of Waterloo and Engineering Science at University of Toronto. Quite a few more volunteer hours than you spent coordinating a bunch of other students to train people in Computer & Internet...
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    To choose between physics engineering and electrical engineering

    I went through almost the same decision (physics vs. computer, and there's a lot of overlap between computer and electrical, especially in the earlier stages). I ended up choosing physics out of high school because I had a sort of "romanticized" notion of being the mad scientist and/or...