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    Quick question about 0/0

    The limit as x approaches 0 from above is infinity as you described. The limit as x approaches 0 from below is NEGATIVE infinity in a manner analogous to how you describe. Since the left-hand and right-hand limits do not coincide, the limit as x approaches 0 period does not exist...
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    Bad Math Jokes

    No harm done. I was also sort of impatient with's exam time, you see. In the spirit of your joke: Stupid people will always make more money. Proof: By definition, Power = Work / Time Rearranging: Time = Work / Power Time IS Money, and Knowledge IS Power, so substituting: Money...
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    Bad Math Jokes

    This is frustrating -- these are world-class mathematicians and professionals who have laid this out point by point. First of all, you can't disagree with mathematical proof, and if you do, you aren't reading it right. And yes, you can argue that somebody wrote a program proving stuff. It's...
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    Bad Math Jokes

    Actually, you can argue with your experiment, because you did it wrong. To explain your problem: IF the main man is guilty (1/3 of the time), then only one of the other guys is guilty, and the guard HAS to point to him. He will point at him 100% of the time. So 1/3 of the time this...
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    Does the integral symbol have a name?

    Think of it like "plus sign" or "minus sign" -- these are commonly referenced symbols for common operations.