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    Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering

    Hey all I just got accepted to KTH which i hear is one of the best universities in Sweden, unfortunately i'm in a dilemna. I have a great job and good salary and the company would soon become dependant on me after the main engineer leaves in the coming week and my salary can go as high as my...
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    Working in a nuclear power plant

    well in the end u can always sell yourself to Iran..they would take u :P
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    Programs Whats your major GPA .Be honest

    i used to teach students with a GPA less than mine ! but teachers are such freaks when it comes to attendances. why should i get a C when my grades a lot higher than the class average, so what i didn't get the book or come to class what does it matter !
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    Programs Whats your major GPA .Be honest

    all of u are 3.9-4.00 students !! i thought the curve always bulges in the middle not at the 4.00 level !! GOD anyway i'm a very smart intelligent were the teachers telling me while they are putting C- as grades for me. guess they wanted to see me in class more often..
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    Doing ThesisEngineeringIndustry

    i'm a graduate mechanical engineer, with good experience in industry,.. go for a thesis or a senior project..u'll learn to be on your own and write good reports..believe me hard but memorable and usefull experience.