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    Mars in the future

    Mars does not currently have a thick enough atmosphere to allow water to flow and also due to extreme temperature variations. If if more CO2 was released from the ice caps I doubt in would be fast enough to help build up the atmosphere and would get stripped away possibly from the solar wind...
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    A rudementary question on dark matter

    The existence and location of dark matter can be inferred by gravitational lensing. It is one of the best ways we have to locate it but even then it's not easy. I do remember a team of astronomers created a map of the dark matter, if I find it ill link it. However dark matter is still classified...
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    Stargazing Radio Telescope Question

    If you want a small radio telescope I found this:, it gives details on how to build a radio telescope along with some projects for it and instruction Manuel and parts list is on the site. Would be interesting to build.
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    Interesting simulation of a spiral galaxy evolution.

    Do you know how they created the stimulation? Was it a custom program or one already made?
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    Amateur Exoplanet Imaging

    Is it possible to detect exoplanets with amateur telescopes? If so what size would be needed. I have seen some amateur protoplanetary disks pictures and would one be able to tell if an exoplanet existed in it as I carved out the material for planet formation? Is it possible for us with current...