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    Testing GRE Physics Prep Courses

    Hi all, I will be a freshman in college starting this fall at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and am majoring in EE with a concentration in RF circuits and microwaves along with a possible double major in Physics with a concentration in Electromagnetism. I am looking to work with EM after I...
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    Schools High school student doing college physics . need help

    Keep practicing your math and strengthening your problem solving skills. This will reinforce your knowledge and make you better at the math and so the physics. You need a solid background in the math before delving into even more complex physics.
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    Schools Complex Analysis in High school

    How did you study and grasp calculus before taking algebra 2 and trig, they provide essential information needed to understand calculus. Also you can get cheap textbooks by older older ones even online, once a semester is past textbook prices will start to drop like a rock as new additions are...
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    Programs Which majors for my interests/criteria?

    I would suggest electrical engineering based on your interests. It uses both math and physics as you want, and applications for the discipline are abound. It would allow you to work in the energy industry or space industry, check SpaceX's website and you will see that they need electrical...
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    Testing SAT Math Prediction Ability

    I am a US citizen, so schooling will be in the US, as far as colleges I know I can get into them, it was just a question I had. I believe that any devices I have could be made up by studying more most likely,many the time constraint was an issue. I do good in regular math classes, like 90+.
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    Testing SAT Math Prediction Ability

    No, on the contrary english was my worst subject and hated it. I always loved to read since I was young and have read countless books which is probably why I find it easier. Our math department in HS is also no the greatest.
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    Testing SAT Math Prediction Ability

    I always found the reading section to be easier, sometimes on the math part I didn't know what they were asking for and I would find the wrong thing. Now the writing section is hard.
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    Testing SAT Math Prediction Ability

    How do you guys think the SAT, manily the math section accurately judges ones ability? I have heard people say if you get below x, usually 600 to 700 you will never succeed in engineering or physics. I would think its more on how much you study and that the SAT is there more tovtrick you any...
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    Programs EE/Physics Double Major

    Good to know, and thanks for the advice.
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    Programs EE/Physics Double Major

    Also would I be able to enter/break into banking or fiancé with these degrees or maybe even quant work or would a finance degree be necessary. Specifically I am looking at investment banking.
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    Programs EE/Physics Double Major

    Hi, I am considering double majoring in EE and physics. I have looked through this fourm and found some stuff on the topic. I was ordering how feasible it would be and how much the majors would overlap. I also believe it would provide me with enough or nearly enough math courses for a minor. If...