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    Future direction needed for Uni student

    If everything is the same on the both sides, you can simply toss a coin. And don't forget that you are not going to ba a physicist or a mathematician forever, you are a human being and after some years you will die => Take it easy and let God decide for your destiniy. (I'm in th mood of...
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    Nobody is gonna help me

    I went to the Engineering faculty of a university this morning. I talked to so many students. And took a look at the labs. They were fantastic. I think, I've make up my mind. I'm gonna study Optics and Laser. Thank you for all the answers
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    Nobody is gonna help me

    Oh my god. In less than 15 minuets four people read this post and 3 of them replied :smile: :smile: :blushing: Thank you very much Let me cear one thing up: I have to work to afford the pays. It means studyng Litrature is FREE and the university won't charge me. But studying...
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    Nobody is gonna help me

    Hi, I'm 19. For the rest of my life I have 2 completely different choices: 1. being an interpreter (studying English literature + translation ,English to Persian, + interpreting. 2. being an Optics and Laser Engineer. There are some good and bad points about each of the 2 choices. And as...