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    The power of a fan

    usually power is Voltage x Current...but i don't know if there's an addition to that for AC current
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    How to make clear ice.clear ice

    pouring a thin slow moving water over a special evaporator plate would freeze the water fast and u would have a collecter that removes the ice off the evaporator and guides it into a dispenser..
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    Balloon Car

    internal combustion engine, or propulsion?
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    How to make clear ice.clear ice

    what is the ice to be used for? or what is the size of ice u want? i think i have ur solution.
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    Model Aircraft

    yes balsa wood and definitely smaller than 24'' by a large bit, but i think i should enlarge wings. and the downside of the whole project was that the teacher challenged us with a large electrical engine with a lot of vibrations, i perfected the prop till the vibrations became very small in...
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    Model Aircraft

    During unviversity we had a project to make a piece a wooden airplane driven by an electrical motor, it was a difficult but lovely experience, in such a limited time and resources that we were bounded with. My question is that would u think that using airfoils instead of flat wings would create...
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    Friction questions, How does a car turn?

    just a small note, the car turns because the differential gear distributes motion unequally, so that u have 1 wheel turning quicker than the other, thus in the same amount of time 1 wheel turns more than the other, as if a plane hasthe right engine on and the left engine off u'll expect it to...
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    Capillary Action- Rate/Temp- How would you analyze?

    well yeah lower viscosity is more fluidity thus faster motion, but do they teach viscosity to 9th graders? another explanation would be that Pressure is P= Rho*g*h, Rho being the density of liquid, g is the gravitational constant, and h is the height reached by the liquid. since ur experiment is...
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    Expansion as motion

    i believe that expansion is a form of motion, but what space r u talking about? if its the space between the particles its not expanding but its being filled by substitutes
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    Do 2 equal gravitational pulls cancel?

    if u analyze it according to an electric or magnetic field, which i think is a correct way to do it, the forces would be distributed along the surface of the object, so this will create an opposite pull on the object. if its a weak object and the pull force is big enough it should be torn apart...
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    Drop an egg from a balcony

    what is 'any material' never heard of it? :P like jeroen told ya