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    Will there ever be a 2nd ice age?

    The earth seems to go through periods of warming and cooling and those periods of cooling can bring an ice age depending on the temperature change. We will go into another ice age, the correct answer is we don't know as we cannot predict the future but the most likely explanation is yes but the...
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    How do they locate gold?

    The information comes from my own knowledge and interest in mining and prospecting, I have studied how mines work and how to mine, once had an idea to go mine gold in Alaska or elsewhere and am interested in resource excavations. There are no papers that I can link too and if it is in someway...
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    How do they locate gold?

    For mining applications, a small drilling rig is often used to drill small sample holes to test how much gold is likely in that specific area. Geologists will also attempt to locate veins of gold ore or rocks and minerals that are commonly found with gold. Magnetic sensors could also be used to...
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    How Oil Is Formed

    Oil is formed from dead plant and animal biomass, mainly plankton. When these life forms died hundreds of millions of years ago they started to decompose and many of this life was in the ocean and the plants and mainly plankton fell to the bottom of the ocean and as the decomposed they were...