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    Introduction to optics

    Dear, I want to know about a book explaining easily the fundamentals of optics(not geometric). I'm not a student who studys physics or optics but grad student studying laser spectroscopy(single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy). Are there any books matching me? Thank you.
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    Something called wavevector, k

    something called "wavevector, k" Dear, I have a question about something called "wavevector, k". What is it? Is that the direction of propagation of light? or something else? Please explain easily. Thank you in advance.
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    Recommend the book to me

    I'm looking for Basic Quantum Optics explaining very easily the concept and fundamental principle. What are you gonna recommend? Thanks in advance.
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    Diffraction limited spot

    Dear everyone, I'm wondering what the diffraction limited spot is. When a laser(CW) is used to excite a fluorescent single molecule, the fluorescence from a single molecule is shown in the CCD camera. The size of fluorescence molecule is determined by Airy Disc which comes from diffraction...
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    [Q] Sign of wavefunction in PIB

    Dear all, I have a question about the sign of Schrodinger equation in particle in a box. What's the meaning of the sign (like -, +) of wavefunction in particle in a box? Can anybody explain that? Thank you.
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    Wavepacket vs. wavefunction

    Dear, I have a trouble understanding QM. What's the difference between wavepacket and wavefunction? Can we use a wavepacket for a particle in a box? Please reply to this questions. Thank you in advance.
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    Why wavepacket?

    Dear everyone, I'm wondering about why we need the wavepacket? Is there anyone to clarify my stupidity? Thanks in advance.
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    Gaussian Beam Radius

    I'm doing FRAP(fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) Diffusion coefficient is what I wanna calculate. t=w^2*f/(4D) t:halftime of recovery fluorescence w:radius of the focused circular laser beam at the e^(-2) intensity f : correction factor for the amount of bleaching D:diffusion...