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    Diamond/Silicon's band structure

    I think a Carbon atom alone has 4 unfilled electron states, but inside a diamond crystal, all states are filled. The adjacent Carbon atoms provide the additional electrons to fill the octet and to provide the balancing charge. With all states filled, and the delocalized conduction band being...
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    I Question about making a coaxial magnetic field in a pipe

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I guess I should explain a bit more. I am trying to collimate an ion beam. I need gas ions to go straight through one end of the pipe and out the other. The pipes can be non magnetic. The pipes don't need to be that long, I think actually several...
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    I Question about making a coaxial magnetic field in a pipe

    Hi, for a particular project, I would like to create a 1~2 Tesla magnetic field in a stainless steel pipe along the z axis. I was wondering if my concept would work, or if anyone had better ideas. Here's my concept. Fig1. So I got a few pipes about 1 inch in diameter. I would like to have a...
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    Vertical lift aircraft fuel longevity

    Probably should have done this sooner, but wikipedia states the maximum range and max speed of each attack helicopter, most of them are around 200 mile range and 200 mph max, so the flight time is probably around the ballpark of 1 to 2 hours. Generally for air support, the helicopters must...
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    Vertical lift aircraft fuel longevity

    Anyone know how long a typical lets say news helicopter can last in the air given how much fuel it holds? I am not sure but I heard a news helicopter or a police helicopter probably wont last more than 3 hours in the air. Some military transport helicopters can only do about 2 and attack...
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    Active Denial Technology [Pain guns]

    How large is this thing? And how large of a battery does this need? Doesn't seem like this would work at very long distances.