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    Chemistry The Best Chemistry Textbook

    What is the best chemistry textbook for highschool/college/introductory course in university? There are lots of books, such as; Atkins, Peter, Loretta Jones and Leroy Laverman. Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight. W. H. Freeman and Company Brady, James E., and Fred Senese. Chemistry...
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    Other What's the best highschool biology book?

    What's a good comprehensive book for a highschool student on biology that has never studied the subject before? (Campbell seems to be college/university-level so I can't touch that)
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    Prob/Stats A book on highschool-level probability and statistics

    What is a fantastic book on probability&statistics that covers all the probability&statistics a student in highschool ever need? It should cover the basics, and also the intermediate topics. Specifically, it must cover frequency distributions and whatnot. Please lend me your suggestions.
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    Other A concise book on basic chemistry

    I am looking for a very concise book on chemistry that is under or equal to 300 pages.
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    Intro Math A book on arithmetic that doesn't treat you like a baby

    The state of arithmetic today is disgusting. The textbooks on it are absolutely repelling, the authors treat it like a subject that will be of concern to only babies. They don't show any love, they treat the subject like a dirty rug. It's been two years since I majored in mathematics, since...
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    Intro Physics Looking for a concise algebra-based book on basic physics

    I need a book that is under 400-500 pages which covers all of basic physics nicely. Every introductory algebra-based physics book I have seen has over 1000 pages and I just need a concise book right now, for some personal reasons. It should cover the following topics: 1. General physics 1.1...