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    Explain about removed sections

    I can not understand how removed sectios are drawn? here i am sending autocad drawing file.(it is drawing of cut off impression related with forging). Figure 2 shows removed section. My question is that, is this sectional view is drawn only by looking figure 1 or more information is required to...
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    Regarding forging terminology

    hello, expert people, i am fresh mechanical engineer. right now i am reading about forging die design. i can not understand one term. i.e. upsetting or upsetter. please explain me about it.
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    Need help to read and understand machine drawings

    i am a mechanical engineer. but, i am not good in machine drawings. i can not understand the assembly drawings. i can not visualize the 2d drawings into 3d drawings. if any body knows the perfect method to understand and read machine/assembly drawings then please inform me.