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    Irrational Space

    It seems like human understanding of space can be no clearer than our understanding of time. I still don't understand time. On the one hand it is a discrete interval; but it is also continuous and infinite. All our science is based on an understanding of this time concept and its constructions...
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    Can alternate radiation model explain redshift?

    What radiation model is used for understanding the cosmological redgarbage? It seems that neither a planar wave nor a point source would represent what we think we are really observing when looking at distant galaxies or exploding stars. Could the observed redshift be a property of the radiation...
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    The redshift is how far/long ago?

    How far into space do we need to look before we can see the first signs of redshift?
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    A better scientific method?

    I heard somewhere that the goal of physics is to describe the most amount of phenomenon in the fewest terms. I really like that for some reason. Of course then there is the scientific method, which I am less fond of. I wonder, in this day and age, is the scientific method actually limiting...