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  1. Alpha123

    Why the experimental error for CaOH is larger than MgO?

    Homework Statement I did a lab on the experimental application of Hess's law. There were two experiments where a substance in a solution was dissolved and the temperatures were recorded. Then the standard heat of formation for the substance was calculated. The first experiment used MgO and HCL...
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    At what angle should the bomb be released?

    Homework Statement There is a plane flying at 200 km/h and wants to drop a bomb on a car traveling 130 km/h which is 78.0m below the plane. at what angle should the bomb be released? the answer is 45 degrees. Homework Equations sine law: SinA/a= SinB/b cosine law: a^2=b^2+c^2+bcCosA v=d/t...
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    What are the esters formed from fumaric acid and propanol ?

    Homework Statement what are the esters formed by: -fumaricacid and propanol? - succinic acid and butanol -citric acid and methanol and how does each one smell Homework Equations none The Attempt at a Solution I have drawn out each of the structural diagrams but i couldnt draw the esters. My...
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    What is the velocity of particle x with reference to Y?

    Homework Statement Particle X moves with a velocity of 15 m/s[R]. Particle Y moves with a velocity of 5.0 m/s[L]. What is the velocity of particle X with reference to particle Y? The correct answer is 20 m/s (R). I do not understand what velocity in reference to particle Y means, and how...
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    Help needed for finding stopping distance?

    Homework Statement A tree is being transported on a flatbed trailer by a landscaper. If the base of the tree slides on the trailer, the tree will fall over and be damaged. If the coefficient of static friction between the trailer and the tree is 0.5, what is the minimum stopping distance of the...