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    NEST Teams

    Does anyone know anything about getting on these teams or even what they do. Everything I've been able to find more or less says they respond to nuclear incidents. I like physics but I don't what to be a professor, and I'll finish a degree in Civil Engineering and I hate engineering. I'm...
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    Should I stick with physics?

    So I'm going into my second year of college at the University of Neb @ Omaha. I'm majoring in Physics and Civil Engineering. Now I have always loved physics but there was something about the way they treated it in my classes up to this point that absolutely turned me off. I'm not sure if any one...
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    Einstien's original papers

    I know this question has been asked before but does anyone know where I could find some of Einstein's original handwritten papers? Obviously they would be in german but its no problem. There is so much junk about him on the internet its hard to sift through it all Thanks, Jeff
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    Lorentz like contraction

    I read a theory recently which, to my understanding predicted a contraction or expansion in an electric feild (like the lorentz contraction) depending on the two charges involved. Has anything like this ever been expiriementally observed
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    How fast is gravity

    So suppose we are on earth and the sun moves 10 miles farther away in one second. When do we feel the changed effects of the gravitational attraction here on earth. Is it immediately or after at least ~8 minutes(time it takes light to get here)?
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    What is energy

    I have always been curious as to what energy is. you can't see it or touch it so it can't be an actual material. I finally came to the conclusion that energy is just a way of describing a position or change in position. would i be correct by looking at energy in this way? I couldn't think of any...