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  1. humanino

    MRI bill question

    Dear PFers, The hospital gave us a $12k bill for one MRI (head with contrast). The people I talked to at the hospital tell me that they do not know whether this is a fair price, which I find suspicious. The same procedure in France costs $300. As I am unsure what to do, I would appreciate...
  2. humanino

    Not so fast after all

    I came here thinking you would already be discussing. It is a just a rumor, but don't we love them ? Let us keep an eye, or an ear, on what will hopefully come out soon. [Broken] Faster-than-light...
  3. humanino

    A Slant on Warped Extra Dimensions

    I often read claims that string theory cannot possibly break Lorentz invariance. Whether people have feedback right now, or for future reference, I would like to open a thread on the following paper. A Slant on Warped Extra Dimensions
  4. humanino

    Running of the weak coupling

    Dear all, would anybody know of references regarding experimental constraints on the running of the weak coupling ? This running is rather slow, and I guess we do not have evidence one way or the other, but since the SM and the MSSM have opposite slopes, I'd like to see what kind of...
  5. humanino

    What should I do with my old car

    It did not pass inspection, because of frame damage. I think we bought it with the frame damage, two years ago. Last year, it passed inspection in a gas station. This year we decided to have the inspection in a garage, partly because we were wondering why we need alignment so often. Now we know...
  6. humanino

    Maps of the globe

    I'd like to play with creating maps, as plane representations of the globe. I know a lot has been done, and I even considered buying some online, but at least for fun I'd like to compute my own projections, be able to tune them at will. So I would basically need a correspondence coordinate <->...
  7. humanino

    News Taxing Banks for the Bailout

    Obama Calls for Bank Tax to Recoup Bailout I'd be interested to read people's opinion. I especially do not understand the following comment Thank you in advance for sharing thoughts.
  8. humanino

    News Sarah Palin found something useful to do

    Murdoch appointed her as news analyst on Fox. I guess not everybody will find this hilarious, but I do.
  9. humanino

    Tevatron Higgs searches

    After improving their statistics and analysis, the Tevatron gets a narrower exclusion range for the Higgs boson mass Combined CDF and D0 Upper Limits on Standard Model Higgs-Boson Production with 2.1 - 5.4 fb-1 of Data I am unsure how Alain Connes feels now. I have difficulties to understand...
  10. humanino

    NuTeV anomaly : evidence for in-medium nucleon modification

    NuTeV "anomaly" : evidence for in-medium nucleon modification Dear HEP folks, maybe some of you have missed it : Isovector EMC Effect and the NuTeV Anomaly From [Broken]
  11. humanino

    So-called radiative corrections

    Hi all, is anybody familiar with (QED for simplicity) radiative corrections for absolute cross section measurements in lepton (electron) DIS, or SIDIS, or exclusive reactions ? I'd be glad if someone can brainstorm even on elastic cross section. I think I understand they are fairly different...
  12. humanino

    Universe electric charge

    Dear cosmologists, how do we know the total electric charge of the Universe ? For instance the matter-antimatter asymmetry was a part in (say) 10 billions. But gravity is 40 order of magnitude less intense than electromagnetism, so I need an asymmetry 30 orders of magnitude less for electrical...
  13. humanino

    Study says nearly every species of animal engages in homosexual behavior

    I'm not sure if I should post this in the politics part of the forum. I found in an excellent source of information claims that dolphins, penguins, frogs and birds engages in homosexual behavior. I was wondering what remains of the argument that homosexuality is against Nature, such as, for...
  14. humanino

    News Who will turn the dark and painful page ?

    Who will turn the "dark and painful" page ? How can it be considered acceptable not to punish torture ? Does Obama think we will just forget ? Is he not concerned that some might forget and do it again ? I am outraged and deeply disappointed...
  15. humanino

    Scientific honesty

    Dear PFers, I remember once reading of an article on scientific honesty, maybe it was in SciAm. Individuals passionate with science, making up a significant portion of the research community, may picture challenge as stimulating or even exciting. It is a great deal of pleasure when you...
  16. humanino

    Point masses in GR

    Dear relativists, I have problems trying to understand the following statement in Forces from Connes' geometry I would appreciate if somebody with a better understanding of GR could elaborate. I know there is no proper general local definition of gravitational energy but I always had...
  17. humanino

    News Hamas and Fatah agree again

    It's pretty good news, finally. Palestinian reconciliation talks kick off in Cairo
  18. humanino

    Presidents and their approaches to science

    When I said I want to become american, I was serious. I realize you may not care very much.
  19. humanino

    News What is wrong with Israel ?

    Can someone explain me why - Israel would bomb a water well, upon which the survival of innocent lives relies ? - Israel would forbid plastic remplacement pieces for those wells to cross the borders ? Plastic cannot be melt to built weapons. As the days, the weeks, and the years go along, I...
  20. humanino

    Cheese and Wine delights

    :surprised I will have to come over with french smelly cheese then :devil: I have a good bottle of yellow wine 1995 here
  21. humanino

    A simple presentation of an exceptionally simple TOE

    If you always wanted to understand how we discover new particle, Garrett Lisi gave a delightful presentation at TED of his works : A beautiful new theory of everything
  22. humanino

    News France, a country caring about human rights

    France accused in Rwanda genocide This story is really part of a bigger one, where magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguière accused Paul Kagamé (current president) and his entourage of involvement in the death of the former president, Juvenal Habyarimana, a Hutu. Maybe the ICC can help ? :devil:
  23. humanino

    News Who wants a house in Beijing ?

    Beijing is a great place to live, with the olympic games coming, the historical sites... Why would local residents be unhappy and protest ? Because they have been evicted from their homes, soon to be demolished. Beijing residents stage protest over Olympic eviction
  24. humanino

    Buddhas of Bamyan

    The destruction of the two monumental statues of standing Buddhas of Bamyan by Mullah Mohammed Omar and the Taliban government in 2001 was internationally considered a cultural tragedy. Only recently did I learn that in 2004, Japanese researchers stumbled across what is now confirmed to be the...
  25. humanino

    News International Criminal Court

    What is the position of the US with respect to the International Criminal Court ?
  26. humanino

    New search engine

    It has semantic capabilities. [Broken]. From [Broken]
  27. humanino

    News Iran and capital punishment

    Iran has executed 29 convicts I find it interesting that in some countries, death penalty is consistently broadcasted in a large media coverage, and not done in secret without anybody hearing about it. Please understand that I am against capital punishment, but understand a democracy which...
  28. humanino

    News Libya vs Switzerland

    Would you guys mind to provide oil for Switzerland ?
  29. humanino

    Install Ubuntu on MacBook

    Hi, I recently moved to the Mac family. I have so far been very happy, adapted pretty well to the fancy colors and the environment is not so strange anymore, but it's true that I miss Linux. So, would you think it makes sense to install a dual boot with Ubuntu ? Did anybody here do that...
  30. humanino

    Tossing a coin 3 times ?

    Hi, It is often frustrating when tossing a coin if there is just one tossing and it's over. Let's say, Nicolas and George toss a coin and are after two given configurations, each his own. Nicolas likes the configuration Head-Tail-Tail. George chooses Head-Tail-Head. Whenever they argue, they...