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    Christmas Physics

    After many careful hours of painstaking research, I have compiled the most expansive physics experiment ever performed on Santa Claus. I hope you can give me the due credit when you show off your cute article. After all, it is my life, my thesis, my reason for existence on this blessed earth...
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    Difference between BH's and BH's?

    I am wondering what the fundamental differences are between small Black Holes and more massive Black Holes, besides from one is smaller than the other :) Event Horizon differences? Does a smaller black hole spin quicker than a more massive black hole? If so what is the gravitational effect of...
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    Programs Choosing a Degree?

    I withdrew from the RAF (Royal Air Force) with the dream of studying Physics. The big problem I am faced with, as probably were many of you, was which Degree to choose? My interests span such a large range of topics, from the Big Bang, to Superconducting, to Space Exploration (i.e...