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    Losing Heisenbergs constant

    I'm very confused. Energy can be expressed as: h.C/wavelength So, in Planck units, the energy of the plank mass could be written h-bar.C/Lp h-bar is in units of m^2 S ^-1 and C is in m s^-1 In plank units h-bar=Lp^2 Tp^-1 and C=Lp/Tp So h-bar.c/Lp=Lp^2. T^-1.Lp.T^-1.Lp^-1 = C^2...
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    Can computers only do what we tell them to?

    Is it true to say "computers only do what we tell them to"? If we write any program and we know all the inputs then surely we ought to be able to predict the outputs so long as we know all initial states (including the seed in any pseudo random generator as well as the generator taps). If we...
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    Negative energy analogy

    I seem to recall reading an analogy describing the total mass/energy of a jack-in-the-box. This said that a compressed spring insided a box would "weigh" more than the same when relaxed (albeit immeasurable small). This makes sense given the equivalence of energy and mass. But what if the spring...
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    Material realism under attack

    How can the materialistic viewpoint be defended from the following attacks: 1) Local interactions vs. spooky action at a distance: Action at a distance suggests non-material interaction. 2) Descriptive laws vs. prescriptive laws: Prescriptive laws are non-material entities, and this is a...
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    Is there an omniscient interpreter in the cosmos?

    1)According to Paul Davies, most physicists who work on fundamental physics believe the laws of physics have some independent existence to the universe 2)The laws of physics are propositions if they exist independently to the universe 3)Propositions are semantic-based structures 4)We are...
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    News Physical laws: Descriptive or Prescriptive?

    Something that keeps cropping up in philosophical discussions is the nature of physical law. From time to time Mathematicians, physicists and philosophers give us reasons to believe that the world operates according to Platonic laws. Loop Quantum Gravity is just one recent example. For me...