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    What happened to me? I have lost my love for Physics

    About two years ago I started to love Physics, it was inspired by many things, but mainly the book Contact by Carl Sagan. I began lurking on this website - reading posts, reading books and expressing the odd childish theory aswell :smile: I then chose my A-levels. I chose Maths, Further Maths...
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    Help with Kevlar

    I am doing a materials presentation on Kevlar and I decided to test the material with mallets, hammers and baseball bats. For some reason when I felt the material afterwards it felt crumpled, and when I held it to the light it revealed large cracks. Why is this?
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    If God exists outside of all laws, . . . .

    If God exists outside of his own laws, the laws of science, then he exists outside of our reality, therefore he is not real. Claiming that you know God does or doesn't exist makes you moronic then, right?
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    Wave functions

    Why is it that when observing an electron or photon it causes the wave function to collapse, surely the photons that cause this collapse were still "colliding" with it when we wern't looking. Or does it only collapse the wave function from the observers viewpoint? (I'm abit of a noob so if...
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    Mind of an Artist?

    In terms of the brain why is it that the vast majority of legendary artists are men?
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    Is there much money in physics?

    I know people may reply saying that it's not to do with money and it's for enjoyment, your interests and blah blah blah but as i'm at an early stage of my life, just about to start a-levels, should I not aim for something a little more profitable like medicine for example. I've always been...
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    Unknown Force?

    Ages ago in my physics classes my teacher would have a large metal motor that would spin very fast, it was attached to a metal board. When he asked people to hold it it felt really stange and would pull you in apparently random directions. When it didnt spin it was very heavy but when it was...
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    Any good books in physics?

    I'm currently about to begin A-Levels (16-18 yrs old) studying in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. My main interests are Maths and physics but I also enjoy the others. Could anybody recommend good books that can feed my interest? I'm currently about to finish 'Contact' by Carl Sagan which...
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    C/++/# C++ Training Guide by Steve Heller

    I recently bought the C++ Training Guide by Steve Heller and the CD is broken. Does anyone who owns this book know whether it's necessary because for a newbie like myself I'm finding it slightly difficult to understand some of the basics. Also, I've been using cmd (and notepad) to teach...
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    Measurements problem - QED

    I recently watched a program called 'Atom' on bbc4 that said something along the lines of: "If you want to strike fear into the eyes a physicist; mention the measurement problem" - What is the measurement problem and why is it such a problem?
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    Are we going to continue to expand.

    Are we going to continue to expand or will we contract-expand-contract-expand-etc...
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    Speed of light relative to universe expansion?

    Hi I am only 16 and some people may find this very naive but I always like to ask physics questions. Is the speed of light relative to the speed of the universe expansion? It seems to me perfectly viable to me as it would act as a barrier from escaping the universe. However this would cause...