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    Taking my leave

    Yes, I have decided to say farewell. I feel that the forums have become so commercial lately and there are so many topics being repeated. I need new food for thought. So.. Farewell and Good Luck to everyone in whatever they do! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kindly, Thallium
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    Organic chemistry

    I have been searching like crazy for different and easier material on organic chemistry for higher level students on the net, but it's hard to find. I assume that there are knowledgeable participants on this part of the PF and I would like to ask if someone knows of a good link? :smile...
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    The race towards an early grave or grace?

    Technology today is so focused on efficieny, proficiency and producivity. Cloning to create better humans, faster transportation, longer work-days and computerised everyday experience. Is it worth it? For anyone who believes in evolution: Have you created machines that we ourselves cannot...
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    Imperialism and socialdarwinism

    I have to questions: 1) Can imperialism be justified? 2) Can socialdarwinism be justified?
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    Signatures Heeeeeelllppppp

    Signatures.. Heeeeeelllppppp!!! I am trying and trying and trying and trying and trying, but I cannot find where I can edit my signature! I'm desperate. I need heeeellllpppp!!! I can't even see my current signautre. It says Vestu Heil ok Sæl, but it's gone from the screen. Why?
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    Public service?

    Public service?? I am thinking of studyig a language and I have learned that a degree in that language will allow me to work in the public service. What exactly is the public service? What kind of institutions/firms/organisations are there in the public service?
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    Scars again

    How do you "heal" scars from spots? :eek: :surprise: :shy: :shy:
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    Question of stupidity

    I am very tired of being so self-destructive and asking questions such as these, but here I go anyway: Does getting an average grade prove that you are dumb? I got an average grade on my final exam: oral presentation, 15 minutes and I was so nervous. The censor said that some of what I...
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    Major school task problem

    I am preparing an experiment to find out what the mass percentage of NaOH in Plumbo is and someone has allready suggested using titration, but that did not seem logic. I know how to calculate the mass percentage, but I and my group were given a sheet of paper with a problem which we are to...
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    What do we associate with masculinity? What is masculinity?

    What do we associate with masculinity? What is masculinity?
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    Can lightning break diamond?

    Can lightning break diamond..? :redface:
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    Post count problem

    According to the number beneeth my name, I have not postd more than 179 posts. That number has been stuck for a couple of weeks and I have left far more posts on this forum than 179. Can the mod/admin help me, please? It says 179 now. Let us see what happens when I reply to whatever response...
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    Earth without the atmosphere

    I was unsure of where to post this so that it would get attention. I am preparing a short lecutre about the Earth's atmosphere and I need to know the following(which I have not found answers to elsewhere): How would be experience standing on Earth without an atmosphere? Would we be totally...
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    How will a masters in Anatomy help me

    I saw in a studyguide for universities and colleges in Ireland, that there is a separate study about anatomy. One can take BA degree and a Master's degree in anatomy! I am so curious about this and perhaps this will be my future. But what can I do with it? (I will ask the university later. I...
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    Universities, boyfriends and lies

    Are there anyone here who studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison? Does anyone KNOW any students there? I need to find an answer to the following question and, please help, the questions concerns whether I will break up with my boyfriend or not because I think he is lying to me...
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    Where a neurobiologist can get a job?

    I am so curious about this field, neurobiology. Could anyone tell me what a neurobiologist is doing and where a neurobiologist can get a job?
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    Allergy: Anti-amthematical disease

    I have no clue of what is wrong with me. I had a chemistry test this Thursday and I had studied thoroughly two days before the test. When the day came, my brain completely knowcked out and I could not remember what I should do to solve the problems. Some of reasonings were succesful because they...
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    Toxins and poisons

    Could anyone help me find a good webpage about toxins and poisons?
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    What are the four equations that describe electromagnetism?

    What are the four equations that describe electromagnetism? (please leave an explanation to the letters)
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    Understanding this saying

    How can we understand this: Only your mind can put an end to reality.. ..?
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    Sick, sick, sick

    Has everyone read the polyamorousness-thread in the philosophy forum? How come I am the only person who is against polyamorous realtionships? Am I unnormal? Am I outdated? Is there anyone who thinks that is sick, aweful, terrible, immoral etc etc etc??? Why am I always the only one...
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    Chemistry tutorial

    Is there a webpage with illustrations and well formed explanations on such as mol, g/mol, Mm etc etc? The Norwegian word for this part of chemistry is støkiometri. I believe it is something like stochiometry in english even though that sounds too odd. I had a test on this today and I believe...
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    Physicists on board

    Who in here are physicists? To those who are:Do you have a doctor degree? Do you work in a science institution or as tutors somewhere?
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    How can billiard be used to illustrate any laws of mathematics?

    I indulged in a billiard match on Euro Sport and it got me wondering. How can billiard be used to illustrate any laws of mathematics?
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    Is gravity a wave?

    What do we understand with gravity: Is it a substance? Is it a wave? Is it alike to anything else that is physically comprehendable?
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    Vectors and derivasion

    What is a vector? What is derivation? I have allready checked on, but there were too many foreign words I could not find translations/clarifications for. Please help!
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    Explanation on the term calculus maths?

    Could I have an explanation on the term calculus maths? The exact meaning of this is a bit vague to me and in Norway we do not use this name for this type of math, whatever it is. Thank yous
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    Ted Roach anyone.?

    Is there a man on this forum with the name Ted Roach?
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    A-level math and physics

    Exactly what math and physics subjects are you dealing with on A-level?
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    The atmosphere

    I need every help I can get! I need to know all about the layers in the atmosphere and the function and structure of ozon including cimate issues. To be more specific about the layers, I need to know what they consist of, where they have their names from and why, temperature and what...