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    How to calculate permanent load?

    The structural load is just the weight of the bridge "smeared" over the area, often with some factor to account for it weighing more (or less) than you think. What do you mean by non-structural? People walking on it or decorative panels. Permanent loads typically means just the structures weight...
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    Second area of moment

    Also, if you tell me the loading, what the material is (E), and what the moment of inertia (I) are, I can tell you how much the member will rotate and deflect. E and I are critical to making the jump from forces to some form of deformation. Euler-Bernoulli is actually a simplification that...
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    Engineering Degree Pursue

    You won't really have to pick until your junior year of college. If your parents are really going to be that upset just say your doing mechanical. Even if you do Civil they have no way of knowing. You could probably even do both depending on the universities rules. Why do your parents care so...
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    Engineering Why did you decide to become an engineer?

    When I started college I got a job in the structural research lab where people would bring in full sized bridge girders and parts of buildings and I got to break them. It wasn't even my job to do all of the boring post processing work. I've graduated and am at a different university now, but all...
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    Small engines vs. big engines?

    I frankly don't have the faith to buy a turbo charged engine from any manufactures currently. Its one thing is they turbo charge a 6+L diesel engine, but its quite another to turbo a small engine. Yeah sure when everything is working great the car and engine is amazing, but if anything is out of...
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    Does a wind farms unpredictability lead to a waste of energy in other power plants?

    There are regulations telling companies how much power they have to have on spinning standby anyway. That way if something suddenly happened at one power plant, another would be able to take over a significant portion. A lot of this stuff got revised after 9/11 when threats to infrastructure...
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    Car shopping as an Engineer.

    I bought a GTI, and I will never by another VW again unless it is fully covered under warranty. Its a really nice, fun car, but I get so incredibly mad with VW's engineers. They have to be straight out of high school they are just so stupid. I do not understand how anyone can launch a car know...
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    Civil and Environmental

    Nearly every example you gave for what an environmental engineer does requires at least one other discipline. To say all, or even most environmental engineering jobs are more sciencey is either an over statement or just plain wrong. Every environmental engineer (except my professor studying meth...
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    NEST Teams

    Does anyone know anything about getting on these teams or even what they do. Everything I've been able to find more or less says they respond to nuclear incidents. I like physics but I don't what to be a professor, and I'll finish a degree in Civil Engineering and I hate engineering. I'm...
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    Help Big engineering issue

    I'm not a professional yet, but poor planning and no ability to work in a team makes for a terrible engineer. Strangely enough, this is exactly what you will find in many engineers that work at universities (professors or not). I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule...just not at my...
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    Tapered beam deflection problem

    Thicker web means the web is wider. Deeper web means the section is deeper. In some cases, the web is the only dimension that changes. The flanges in most precast concrete girders are kept the same to facilitate precasting and spacers are added to increase the depth of the section. If you make...
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    Environmental Engineers

    I'm fairly sure any government project in the US requires this but I don't think private projects do yet. Another fun thing environmental engineers get involved in, is urban land usage. The more impermeable land you have in a city (land covered in concrete so water can't be absorbed by the soil)...
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    Tapered beam deflection problem

    The thicker web does not mean a taller cross section. The web is the part that connects the two flanges in an I beam. They could use the thicker web for several reasons and with out knowing the specifics its hard to tell. You use the taller section because you give yourself a longer moment arm...
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    Prospect of Engineering?

    I know a civil engineering professor that makes well over 150k and I know another engineer that makes about 30k. I think engineering is such a great field because your efforts usually result in something tangible like a bridge or building. Infrastructure engineering is probably going to see a...
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    Environmental Engineers

    Environmental engineers are a subset of Civil engineering. In a sense, their job is to fill the gap between scientists and other engineers. Typically they have a much better understanding of chemistry and biology than your typical engineer. Most of the environmental engineers that I have talked...
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    Engineering Engineering + Juris Doctorate

    Work for the army corp of engineers. The wouldn't pay the greatest, but that is the best job security you can find. I was told by one of there water resource engineers they are the most sued body in the United States.
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    Civil Engineer needs help getting head round a graph

    Euler buckling equation predicts higher than experimentally observed critical buckling loads. In the elastic buckling region this is due to initial out of straightness of the column. In the inelastic buckling region, the lower than expected load is predominately caused by residual stresses left...
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    Civil and Environmental

    Civil engineering is a very broad topic. If it doesn't move or use electricity, it probably was designed in large part by a civil engineer. There are sure exceptions, but civil engineering is one of the broadest fields in engineering. One professor described civil engineers as protectors of the...
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    Engineering Which Engineer Actually Uses the Most Math?

    For most senior engineers your day peoblably goes something like this. 33% meetings, 33% project managment, 33% engineering. If you happen to find a place where you do more than 1/3 engineering I'd love to know about it. I'm not a big people person.
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    Engineering Masters in Civil Engineering

    Does any one know they changed the prerequistites for taking the P.E.? I've heard rumors of them requiring a masters degree (or 30 graduate credit hours) in order to qualify to take it, but I've never heard a definitive answer. If that were the case it may influence your decision to go for a...
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    Engineering Which Engineer Actually Uses the Most Math?

    For what its worth, I work at a university in Nebraska. I'm a student but I work in a lab where many different Professors do their research so I get to see a lot of different parts of the structural engineering world. The vast majority of what we do is relatively unknown and we are in a sense...
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    Should I stick with physics?

    I've read his books already. I can't say I really cared for the last one. I liked the first the best(Elegant Universe). I know I would enjoy the Civil engineering path. At my current job in one of the university labs we test concrete designs the graduate students are working on. I can say I have...
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    Should I stick with physics?

    Yes it is fairly early especially considering last semester was my first as a physics major. I'd had physics classes previously before for civil engineering.
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    Should I stick with physics?

    I have a 8.5x11 sheet of paper of just formulas for one test. 99% of the questions require no thought what so ever. Its all just plug and chug.
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    Should I stick with physics?

    So I'm going into my second year of college at the University of Neb @ Omaha. I'm majoring in Physics and Civil Engineering. Now I have always loved physics but there was something about the way they treated it in my classes up to this point that absolutely turned me off. I'm not sure if any one...
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    Speed of time?

    I don't like the label seconds per second as it is misleading and very confusing. If one is inquireing how fast time passes in a different frame relative to another frame I think it linguistically makes more sense to make a distinction between the two seconds(for each different reference frame)...
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    Can we predict which reference frame is correct?

    ^^^That sure makes it easy to predict if you reference frame is right :wink:^^^
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    Is Light Constant in GR

    I figured as much but I just couldn't stand to let it go :biggrin:
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    Is Light Constant in GR

    Would you like to try that again? :confused:
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    Why would an infinite universe tend to contract?

    That's what I'm trying to say about Newtonian gravity and what Hawkings said. If the universal were to be fully homogeneous where would a net force come from?