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    Anti-matter Creation Questions/ Discussion

    I don't know this sphaleron model, so I'll leave your question 1 for someone else. I assume they are talking about that bump in the potential energy plot. If the two vacua signify matter and antimatter, then that would indeed be the (theoretical) barrier between the two. V0 seems to be...
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    Are particle masses commonly normalized against a natural standard?

    I think the normal way is to express the mass in units of eV/c^2.
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    What is an effective field theory?

    I think it's rather deep and not trivial at all, personally. Though I guess the conceptual picture is often described more clearly than the detailed calculations are, at least when it comes to this. This is, at least partly, because one basically has to include some scheme of renormalization, as...
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    What is an effective field theory?

    I actually think Wikipedia does sum it up rather well in their opening sentences: I'm not going to be very rigorous here, but I'll try to describe the philosophy, as I understand it. The fact that there is a chosen length scale is the key. Take a condensed matter system, for example. We...