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    Quantum Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory by Klauber

    As a preview, one can find draft versions of several chapters at
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    Undergrad computational physics text?

    I think Giordano is a good bet. It was the recommended textbook in a comp phys course back at my old university. (Not that I took said course myself, but I've looked in the book a couple of times and it seems to deal with the topics well.) It was written specifically for an undergrad course...
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    Sokal Affair: top pick?

    First, note that Intellectual Impostures is just the UK title for Fashionable Nonsense, so there's no need to read both. Second, it was co-authored by Jean Bricmont, and it'd be rude to forget about him. I've read Fashionable Nonsense and Beyond the Hoax. I enjoyed the latter less, since it...
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    Good books on QFT

    Peskin and Schroeder does indeed contain a lot of good material, but I think parts of it are utterly unreadable (the section on the quantization of the electron field is one example). Srednicki, which atyy mentioned, is a nice book/supplement. Another really useful resource is...
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    Books on superconductivity

    Nice link! There is indeed a clear resemblance to Tinkham (something the authors are quite open about in the preface). I also think they do a decent job at explaining the origin of superconductivity, while keeping it a reasonable level; i.e. useful as an introduction. What kind of questions...
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    Books on superconductivity

    I think that the book by Fossheim and Sudbø from 2004 (Superconductivity: Physics and Applications) might be the answer. It's newer than Tinkham, and should be accessible for people with a BS background (and a knowledge of second quantization), while also including newer developments.