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    Detecting the existence of a sound that has been lost in thermal noise

    ultra sensitive microphone or technique for listening to inner ear A friend has very loud tinnitus. He says it is constantly louder than anything else he can hear. Nothing can be heard by an independant observer such as myself, but it is possible that a sound with a small power level is so...
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    Software to make line graph, Like Excel?

    Is there any software that will convert a series of numbers into a simple line graph, the same as Excel, but allowing me to use a lot more numbers? I'm writing a program in c to convert a sinewave, or any wave, into a triangular wave. I've sort of done it, but there is noise in my...
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    Cant spot flaw in nested logic in puzzle

    This is not a puzzle question exactly. It's a question about logic that the puzzle illustrates. There are four dragons. It is known that dragons can have brown eyes but our four all have green eyes. They can see each others eyes, but don't know their own eye colour. They will turn into...
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    Evolution -How many times did life begin on earth

    I get the impression that all life on earth, including extinct life, goes back to the same single common source. Is this the general view? Or could life have started out independantly at different times and/or places. If so is there any evidence? Tony
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    Medical Finger tapping test L-R inequality

    Alternately tapping my first and second finger.... I can do this 20% faster with my left hand than my right hand. Is it possible to speed this up, or is it a fixed property of my adult nerves?
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    Global warming case frustrating

    Effect of doubling CO2 - why logarithmic and not linear? How does a 30% to 50% increase in CO2 predict a 2-5 deg C temperature rise? Is there a formula? Why is the effect on low altitude atmosphere temperature effect of increasing CO2 logarithmic? I would have thought it would be linear...
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    Atmosphere temperature gradients at altitudes impossible?

    atmosphere temperature gradients at altitudes impossible?? Here's a link to a graph:" [Broken] I don't understand how this is possible. The atmosphere is Warm at the surface, (due mainly to infrared heat from earths' surface -ok) Cold...
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    Does a hydrogen baloon ascend faster than a helium baloon

    Does a hydrogen baloon ascend faster than a helium baloon? Ignoring the weight of the baloon fabric, and ignoring friction, but not ignoring the mass of the air, would a hydrogen baloon ascend twice as fast? Would the same logic apply to lead and aluminium weights falling through water...
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    Earth's surface temp without atmosphere vs moon's

    Without an atmosphere, the earth's average surface temperature would be -18 C. The moon's surface temperature averages -23 C. Is this 5 degree C difference due to heat from the earth's core? (I'm not a student; I'm curious about the climate debate, and trying to figure some things...
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    How to calculate the temperature of an insulated heat emitting body?

    How would I calculate the temperature of a theoretical heat-emitting body wrapped in insulation? If the temperature difference accross the insulation layer is D, is there a linear relationship between D and the thickness of insulation; or is it more complicated than that? Thanks...