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    Antenna Radiation and propogation doubts

    I have a few doubts regarding antenna radiation and propogation. Kindly look into it and clarify. Consider a Hertzian dipole antenna, DOUBT # 1. Generally, when the power is mentioned for an antenna elements such as the power dissipated across radiation resistance(Rrad) P radiated =...
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    Phase front of a quantity e^jwt

    Homework Statement This is a statement i found in one of my textbook of "Antenna analysis". The phase front of a exponential time varying quantity(charge distribution) 'ejwt' is a spherical wave front and is represented by e-jkR. Homework Equations 1. How can we represent spherical...
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    Question regarding waves

    I have two questions which has been troubling me: 1. How can we say that meaning of e^(jkR) is a spherical wave travelling in negative R direction. It can be viewed as polar form of vector with magnitude 1, but how a spherical wave? 2. When we take instantaneous value of a complex quantity ...
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    Coordinate transformation from spherical to rectangular

    Iam having trouble understanding how one arrives at the transformation matrix for spherical to rectangular coordinates. I understand till getting the (x,y,z) from (r,th ie., z = rcos@ y = rsin@sin# x = rsin@cos# Note: @ - theta (vertical angle) # - phi (horizontal angle) Please show me how...
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    Field concept

    Homework Statement Hello. Im having trouble understanding this particular statement found in one of my textbooks. " Work done to move a charge along a line perpendicular to the field is zero" The Attempt at a Solution Field is a space around a charge where if we place any other charge, will...