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  1. NicolasPan

    Find the electric field of a uniformly polarized sphere

    Homework Statement We want to calculate the field of a uniformly polarized sphere of radius=R Homework Equations V(\vec{r}) = \frac{1}{4 \pi\epsilon_{0}} \oint_{S} \frac{\sigma_{b}}{r} da' + \int_{V} \frac{\rho_{b}}{r} d\tau' The Attempt at a Solution i)I know that \sigma_{b} = P...
  2. NicolasPan

    Engineering related publication

    Hello everyone,I am a mechanical engineering student and yesterday I convinced my professor to work on a project where it will be published in a journal about one year from now.I really don't know where to start as there are countless of highy-respected researches at top universities such as...
  3. NicolasPan

    Fortran Fortran 90/95 function

    Hello everyone! I've been wondering if it is possible in Fortran to 'read' a function.For instance when I code this: contains function f(x) double precision :: f double precision ::x f=(whatever the function) return end function end program It would be ideal if the program allowed...
  4. NicolasPan

    Difference between Taylor Series and Taylor Polynomials?

    Hello,I've been reading my calculus book,and I can't tell the difference between a Taylor Series and a Taylor Polynomial.Is there really any difference? Thanks in advance
  5. NicolasPan

    Comp Sci Error while calculating arc length of curve in Fortran

    The program must calculate the length of the curve of ƒ=3.1*x^2-5.3/x between x=1/2 and x=3/2.The legth should be calculated as the sum of n line segments starting with n=1 and ending with n=20. I really can't find why the result I'm getting is wrong.Thanks in advance I am giving you the code...
  6. NicolasPan

    Comp Sci Help with fortran

    Hello I was assigned the following problem:Make a Fortran program which will be able to read a degree[0-360] checking validity range(not type) and it will be able to calculate and print the cos(x) from the following equation: cos(x)=1-x^2/2! + x^4/4!-x^6/6!+x^8/8!-...,where x is in radiants.As a...
  7. NicolasPan

    Comp Sci How to break a number into separate digits in Fortran

    Mod note: Fixed indents in code below !this program accepts a 5 digit integer !and calculates the harmonic and geometric means of it's digits !the program checks and denies numbers with lenght diffrent than 5 digits !The harmonic mean should be calculated only when !all of the number's digits...
  8. NicolasPan

    Comp Sci Fortran 95 code won't run

    Homework Statement . [/B]Hello all !! I am currently trying to make my fortran95 code run in vain.I would really appreciate it if someone could lend my a hand since I am a starter in programming.So the problem goes like that:Create a program capable of calculating the following function...