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    FE method, how ? (software Comsol)

    No, the Gauss points are no the mesh nodes. The Gauss Points, or Gaussian Integration Points, are internal to the elements. More can be found here (last paragraph of the page marked 11) and here.
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    Sphere slipping against block

    Hmmm, maybe I'm not understanding the problem correctly, but the geometry for this problem seems to be over-constrained. From the problem statement: The distance from the center of the sphere to the contact point on block B (or A for that matter) is (√R)/2. We'll call this B. The...
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    Focusing on a specific area of Mechanical Engineering Undergrad?

    Is there more information you can provide on this research opportunity focusing in fastening and joining (ex: what type of joining)? Of the given choices, automotive structures is the most applicable; you'll want to focus in structural analysis.
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    Stimulating Airbags

    SolidWorks mostly likely cannot (depending on what you want to simulate). If you want to simulate an airbag deploying, then you'd need a code that can do highly non-linear dynamics, such as LS-DYNA (Abaqus and MSC can do it as well, but probably not as well as LS-DYNA).
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    Force on Boom Arm due to suctioning sludge

    This is a simple fluids and statics problem. You'll first need to figure out you mass flow through the boom arm and the area of the inlet; you can use these values to calculate the force at the inlet of the boom. You'll then apply a force and moment balance at the outlet end of the boom (where...
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    Help with Integrals (one of which involves erfc).

    By garbage I mean that the plot doesn't make any physical sense (both in temperature values and distribution). Mathmatica does appear to evaluate the erf(x) correctly.
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    Help with Integrals (one of which involves erfc).

    fi(τ)=hT∞ I did state that, but it was after the final solution I got (my mistake for stating it so late).
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    Help with Integrals (one of which involves erfc).

    I'm using Green's Functions for heat conduction problems, and I'm trying to solve the following integral: Homework Statement [Broken] Where: [Broken]...
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    Can DOUBLE SHEAR occur in ANY direction?

    Think of a material element in the pin and using the reaction load son the pin to find the principle stress.
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    Screw and mating thread strength equations

    In addition to the friction between the mating threads (which you accounted for), you need to account for the friction between the head of the bolt and whatever surface it is coming in contact with.
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    How can a hydraulic steering be replaces the modern power steering system

    May I ask why you're set on having a pure hydraulic steering system?
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    How to make gear?

    You can scribe a gear (straight cut teeth) on a piece of brass. Use a hacksaw to cut off the bulk of the material, a drill to bore out the shaft hole, and then a file to shave everything down to the final shape. Very time consuming, but it will work non the less.
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    Scissor mechanism: static analysis

    Maybe I'm not understanding you mechanism correctly, but if the spring only supports a compression/tension load and is always in the center of the two cross bars, then the load in the spring will be exactly the same as the vertical load applied at the top (assuming no friction). All horizontal...
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    What Do You Call This Type of Hinge?

    +1 for cam hinge
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    Tuned mass damper

    This plot should help you understand.
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    Laplace Equation Solved by Method of Separation of Variables

    It is suppose to be u on both sides; that boundary condition is stating: Y'(0)X(x)=Y(0)X(x) since it was assumed the solution to u(x,y) had the form of X(x)Y(y).
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    Laplace Equation Solved by Method of Separation of Variables

    Ahhh, so for there to be a term outside the sum due to lambda=0, you must have non-zero values for both X(x) AND Y(y)? Makes sense! :D
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    Laplace Equation Solved by Method of Separation of Variables

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Assume the solution has a form of: The Attempt at a Solution It looks like a sine Fourier series except for the 2c5 term outside of the series, so I'm not sure how to go about solving for the coefficients c5 and c10. Any idea?
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    Statically Indeterminate Beam

    Ack! Good catch! I wrote the wrong equation for A(1,2) :blushing:; checking the general formula gives an equation that is the same as A(2,1) (as you pointed out). Making this adjustment gives me symmetric results that make sense. Very good point; the E*I can be factored out of both matrices.
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    Statically Indeterminate Beam

    The force and moment at A doesn't factor into this (just yet at least). The compatibility equations are used to solve for the redundant forces. See here for a detailed explanation:
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    Statically Indeterminate Beam

    I have a fixed-end fixed-end beam with two roller supports as well and a load applied in the center of the beam, as shown below. I've chosen my redundant forces to be the force at B (point up), the force at C (pointing up), the force at D (pointing up) and the moment at D...
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    Statically Indeterminate Beam to the Sixth Degree

    Ah, then I used the wrong support representation; the support method used at points B and C in the physical item will not allow for rotation, so a moment will be produced there.
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    Statically Indeterminate Beam to the Sixth Degree

    As the title says, I have a statically indeterminate beam to the sixth degree and I'm attempting to use the superposition method (aka force method) to solve for the reactions. My additional equations will be the angle at points A, B, C, and D as well as the deflection at points B and C. Is...
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    Hot Wire a '68 Mustang?

    I'm not sure if an answer was given regarding hot wiring the 68, but in case it wasn't, here's how. The start relay has four posts (shown below), with post #1 on the far left, post #2 on the bottom left, #3 on the bottom right, and #4 on the far right...
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    Potential at a point due to two charges

    So if one of the charges was negative instead of positive, the potential would be zero? What confuses me is that if one charge was changed to negative, then there'd be a constant potential in the x-direction, but zero in the z-direction.
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    Potential at a point due to two charges

    I've been working on this problem and I cannot find out where I am making a mistake. Homework Statement Two charges, each with a value of +q, are placed a distance d apart on the x-axis. Find the potential at a point P a distance z above the x-axis on the z-axis The Attempt at a Solution The...
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    Why is efficiency constant?

    Well, what caused the energy loss?
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    Equation of Motion for a Pendulum

    Look up Small Angle Approximation and see if that helps. The reason for dividing by mass is to get it into a standard differential equation forum.
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    Collisions problem?

    Go ahead and post the work.
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    Collisions problem?

    What is the definition of an elastic collision?