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    I Formula to calculate amount of force needed to lift/hover

    I was thinking off building a drone and I was just curious about what the amount of thrust we need to be in order to hover based on weight
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    Automotive Propeller powered car questions

    I'm trying to build a propeller powered car. Right now I'm trying to find ways to make if faster because I'm limited to a 6 volt battery pack. I was wondering if I used a nozzle shaped design like they do for rockets if it will make it faster or slow it down. The propeller is 6 inches and I was...
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    What are the properties of lithium gas?

    I know this may be a dumb question but I don't know it. What I want to know is when lithium is heat and becomes a gas/vapor, does it still have the properties of lithium. Also I know that when water is changed between a liquid, gas, and solid, it always stays as H2O on the molecular level, can...
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    How do batteries work?

    I have done a decent amount do research on this topic and can't find out about the "magic" that happens in the battery. I know that is is made of cathode which is the positive and anode for the negative with electrolytes in the middle. What I can't find is what anodes and cathodes are made...
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    I How does lightning work? (one strike or multiple strikes?)

    I am mainly asking if it's possible for a thunder cloud to release its sorted energy in burst rather than in one strike. Like if a thundercloud had 1 billion volts would it be possible to great small sparks that allow it to shoot of 5 lighting strikes of different voltages rather than one strike...
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    Is it possible for heat to be a physical form?

    By physical form I mean stored chemical or actual be a physical thing you can touch. Yes I understand it already is a physical form in atoms but I mean is it possible to have a jar of heat.
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    I Is it possible for pure energy to have mass?

    When I ask about mass, I am really asking is it remotely possible for pure energy to have mass and possible become so dense it forms a ball with its own gravitational pull. This pull keeps the energy in a ball.
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    I How much Gravity is needed to bend light?

    By gravity I mean the mass of a object capable of bending light. I don't want a explanation too say about how or why it will bend, just want the mass in numbers or equation please.
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    I Is it possible to run as fast as a car?

    By run fast I don't mean if the human body can handle it, I mean is there a way to allow a human to reach that speed while running(sort of like the flash)either using some kind of physical or chemical enhancement. Maybe not as fast as a car but some way to increase their max speed without having...
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    B What is the true cause of friction?

    I know that most friction is caused from rough uneven surfaces rubbing each other, but what is the cause of friction between 2 flat surfaces?
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    Is it possible for an atom to have a pure electrical charge?

    Please don't hate if this is a stupid question, I am a freshmen in high school so I don't know this stuff. What I am really talking about is how all atoms have some impurity in them which is why friction happens, but is there a way to create one with no impurity?