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    Matrix mechanics

    For someone who's bored with wave mechanics, would you suggest studying Heisenberg's matrix mechanics (which was the first formulation)? Are there any major/conceptual differences? (except one talks about waves and the other doesn't!) And for someone who wants to study it, what books/online...
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    Dirac's K

    In" [Broken], he mentions this: I'm trying to get the same result, but I'm stuck. Has anyone done this before?
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    Euler-Lagrange equation for paraboloid plane

    I have a classical mechanics question I couldn't conclude. The reason seems to be mathematical. It's this: There's a paraboloid shaped plane of mass M, which is standing on a frictionless surface and can slide freely. It's surface is y=ax^2. A point mass m is place on the plane. Solve the...