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    The lonely, marriage

    Why are there people unable to find their own spouses around, near where they are living ? What is the main reason for the appearance of dating services on the web ?
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    Please stop by tell me about teeth !

    Okay, please tell if you experienced, why you were/are in pain when you have decayed teeth ?How painful is/was that ? Thank you
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    Would you please tell me if UFO is for real?

    Would you please tell me if UFO is for real? ? Thank you
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    I am learning English Literature ?

    I am now sad :mad:, so I read some books for fun and Canteburry Tales is what I would like to write an analysis about. But it is so long, can you just give me an understandable explanation like a summary about the story I am going to delve into in a few hours later on ? Thank you.
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    Thinking about drawing

    I have some questions, so if you like to joke or anything--offtopical points are also welcomed..:wink: In order to draw something, we need a pen and a paper, so if we don't use the pen, what can we use ? Second, when we draw something we can use crayons or color pens to add colors to the...
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    What way ?

    In what way can people get the width of flowers and sizes of petals for research ? I just wonder how that can be done, thank you
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    Calling for papers

    I see in my department bulletin board a poster "IEEE computer, call for papers", do you know how a research result should be to get accepted ??? Thanks
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    Newie with flowers

    I am reading an introductory book for dummies about different kinds of flowers on earth, I am wondering why do such flowers as dicots in tropical everwet, summerwet, and winterwet look more beautiful than those in other areas. They fully blossom. My guess is because of the temperature or...
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    Creationism book, who wrote ?

    I am looking for a book on creationism, do you know of any writer out there has a nice book for me to read ? After i finish the book, i will give nice comments with many other things related to help other readers know more about authors' series, Thanks in advance
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    C++ vector

    How can i read file data into 2d vector ?thanks
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    Quantum computing topics

    I am interested in quantum computing, but presently have no clue as to where should I start. Could you suggest some topics in the field for me to go ? Some simple ones that I can finish them in one year ? Could you ? Thanks a lot
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    Will die out soon ?

    When our environment get more poluted, will all life on earth die out then ? How long does it take a certain kind of species to adapt themselves to new changes of environment, for example human beings ? Thanks.
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    How long and how ?

    Do you know how long will it take a person to heal her or his broken relationship ?
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    Music can help

    Can music help people's mind a lot ? In what way can it do that ? Another question I am wondering now is whether it true or not that people like a certain genre of music just because of their mood at the time ? If so, do you know why they change their like to another genre ? Thanks