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    Principle of inclusion-exclusion proof

    Proof By Induction is a lot more elegant,but you have to be careful of your notation
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    Binomial Probability

    Atleast 14 do not means 13 or less do,not 11 or less.The compliment of atleast 14 is atmost 13.
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    Question about poisson distributed variables

    The sum of 2 poissons is obviously poisson just like the sum of 2 binomials is binomial,ur reasoning is flawed,if X ε Poi(λ) and Y=X+X,THEN Y ε Poi(2λ),it follows quite simply evn by general reasoning.
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    Question about poisson distributed variables

    My suggestion is that you should try the moment generating function technique,ofcos u will need the theorem on limiting mgfs,bt it is the easiet way,or do a transformation
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    What do 'nerdy' guys like in girls?

    think intelligence is the most important
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    My girlfriend, her family, and human dysfunctionality in general

    Mmmm,I agree with cobalt,think you should reconsider your approach
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    An angel or a burger?

    I say go for it
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    Academics has torn my only friends apart from me

    Quite a long story thr,n u do not need such shallow friends
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    Explaining a coin toss to a friend problem

    To me your explanation is simple enough so I think you should tell your friend that a head is also possible on the 1st toss,we are 100% sure of getting atleast 1 head,not where that head will be i.e. 1st or 2nd toss.
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    Probability of a random number - seems impossible

    Mathman is right,getting a kazillion 9s is not equiprobable to getting an even distribution,i.e it can only happen in 1 way while the numbers can be evenly distributed a number of different ways e.g. the probability of 6000 6s in 6000 throws of a die is not even close to being equal to the...