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  1. TachyonLord

    A Books/Resources related to the thermal model for particle production

    I can only find papers relating to how they've used the model but nothing about the model.
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    I Resistance of Platinum decreases with an increase in temperature ?

    Basic Procedure The experiment basically involves finding the null point on the Carey Foster's bridge with the PRT as the unknown resistance and using a Resistance box as the variable resistance. In the above diagram, P and Q are 2 fixed resistors of equal resistances. For obtaining the first...
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    I Newton's Rings Experiment

    When monochromatic light is incident on a plano convex lens(as shown in the picture), these dark rings are produced which are observed with the help of a travelling microscope. The procedure requires us to measure the diameter of each ring (We need to measure the diameter of at least 10...
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    I Project on Electricity & Magnetism(Topic Suggestions needed)

    So I have taken up this course on Electricity and Magnetism and we need to prepare a project as in not very broad as such but for example, attempting to solve a problem or something that is related to the subject but off the course. I'd like to involve computation too in some form or the other...
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    Melde's Experiment

    Homework Statement Why working formula for transverse and longitudinal arrangement in melde experiment different in Melde's experiment ? Homework Equations None. The corresponding equations are all derived from the same fact. The Attempt at a Solution So, I have understood that the tuning...
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    Programs What and Where do I apply?

    So I'm an undergrad student from India pursuing physics, I'm currently in my first year and I'm really confused as to what I should do. I mean, I like physics, especially the computational aspect of it, but I don't know if I'll continue physics after three years. Summer's gonna start soon and I...
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    Sources of errors in a spectrometer experiment

    [Note from mentor: this lacks the homework template because it was originally posted in a non-homework forum.] I know this seems like a very dumb question but every other error I think of has been covered in precautions and the only errors I can think of are dumb ones. Help ! I had to plot the...
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    B How do I improve my proof writing style?

    So I've taken this Linear Algebra class as an elective. So there's stuff that is so obvious and logically/analytically easy to prove but I honestly don't understand how to prove them using the standard way. So what should I do about this ? And I really like linear algebra so I don't want to mess...
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    B Whats the principle behind Schuster Focusing?

    I know its something related to the asymmentry in the i-d curve but its still not clear.
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    Fizeau's Experiment (Speed of light)

    Homework Statement In the Fizeau's Experiment to determine the speed of light, let the gear have N teeth, the frequency of the rotating gear being f, the distance travelled by the light beam/ray L (distance b/w the gear and the mirror) and let there be n eclipses(blocking of the light beam)...
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    Find the average force at distance x

    Homework Statement A “superball” of mass m bounces back and forth with speed v between two parallel walls, as shown. The walls are initially separated by distance l. Gravity is neglected and the collisions are perfectly elastic. If one surface is slowly moved toward the other with speed V...
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    I The order of calculating velocity and position alters the solution?

    So I tried solving the differential equation for a spring - mass system using Euler's Algorithm in Python. The equation being d2x/dt2= -4π2x (The equation was obtained by Dimensional Analysis) here x and t are both dimensionless equivalents of position...
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    I Where does the exponential function come from in roots?

    For example, in linear differential equations, there might be these questions where we'd directly use e∫pdx as the integrating factor and then substitute it in this really cliche formula but I never really understood where it came from. Help ?