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    I would like to congratulate myself for no reason

    I would just like to congratulate myself on studying the most awesome subject ever, finally,which is orbital mechanics.. I've finally found a course that I can work on for hours and hours and hours and never really want to quit working.. that is all folks. Thanks for stopping by and don't forget...
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    Metric Space confusion

    I have a simple question about the notation. I want to be more correct with notation, I don't understand exactly what the notation is saying. In regards to a Metric space A metric space is an ordered pair (M,d) where M is a set and d is a metric on M, i.e., a function {{\bf{d: M \times...
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    Hyperbolic relations in deriving Lorentz transformations

    Preface to my question: I can assure you this is not a homework question of any kind. I simply have a pedagogical fascination with physics outside of my own studies in school. Also, I did a quick search through the forum and could not find a question similar enough to what I want to know, so i...
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    Where does light go when i turn off the.light

    I am having a debate with my brother. He reasons that when he turns off the light it is no longer there. You cant see headlights when you turn them off or a lighters light bouncing around the room when you turn off the lighter. So where does it go? He reasons that since you cant see the light...
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    One-to-one correspondence

    What is a one-to-one correspondence or one to one mapping? I have heard the later term used plenty of times in linear algebra classes I've taken, i.e. there is a one to one mapping from a subspace to another. But I've never really understood what that meant entirely. Are the two above phrasees...
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    Indeterminism of Quantum Mechanics and incompatibility with Relativity

    As a self study it has been difficult to find time to study quantum mechanics and relativity simultaneously while obtaining my aerospace engineering degree. Nonetheless, I've made some progress in the matter. My point and or discussion rather herin, is this: With quantum mechanics being...
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    State space representations in LTI systems

    I just started my first graduate level controls class this semester, and it looks like my professors notes aren't going to be quite enough. Can anybody recommend a good book with lots of state space representation examples, or if not a book, a website would do fine as well. Thanks for any help.