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    Double integration in Matlab on given data set

    Homework Statement Hello, I have a problem I have a strand (pathway) defined in Matlab as X and Y and s where X and Y are the coordinates and s is an indexing (1, 2, 3, .....), and I can have this X and Y in high resultion, namely very small distance between them I need to achieve this...
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    How to calculate the convergence point for exponential function?

    Homework Statement I need to calculate the point of divergence for this exponential function : F(x)= 5.282 * exp ( -0.01726 * x ) may you help me in finding the method to solve such problems ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    One atom black hole

    good morning everybody i had a question that i found no answer for it on the internet can one atom become a black hole ?? if no, what is the condition that prevent it ?? hope you help me answering this question best regards
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    Metropolis-Monte Carlo Algorithm

    peace upon you every body i spent few minutes searching where to post my topic .. because it's talking about something in computational physics and i found no forum for computational physics or things like that. so if you don't mind opening new forum for computational physics and i can offer...
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    Black holes energy

    peace upon u .. though it's a fantasy but it's a scientific one .. i've read about the generating energy from black holes the issue that: is such an extreme science fiction reachable ?? no doubt that wireless connection was a science fiction once upon the time .. but there was a...
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    News Who won israel vs gaza ?

    who won israel vs gaza ?? Peace upon u after 22 days of war on not clear targets .. israel is thinking of "ceasefire" what does this mean in fact ?? rockets had not been stopped .. gaza had not been reached yet .. targetting schools, UN establishments, food and fuel stores killing...
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    News The other view deserves to be shown

    Peace upon you i think that there is a great gap between the media direction and "directing" between Arabian and Western mass media .. i think that even the attitude of designing the sites shows a lot of the gap's features you can see it here in Aljazeera chanel site (the most famous in...
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    Photon spin

    Homework Statement do photons have spin ?? Homework Equations no equations The Attempt at a Solution just wondering about the answer : no it would have spin but never more than i status as i guess
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    Physics of far from equilibrium systems and self organization

    peaec upon u .. i've read an article about this topic "physics of far from equilibrium systems and self organization" written by Gregoire Nicolis but it was truly a tough article it was talking about chaotic system but the vocabulary used was very hard for me to understand and translate...
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    Peace upon u

    hi everybody i'm Alyazan from syria , 2nd year general physics i'm running a seminar about researching methods and preseasurs i need your help about this issue about referrences sources about how to manage a research and such things i wonder if anybody have a power point show about this...