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  1. Astrophysics

    Oceans working as a buffer

    Does anyone have any reliable information about how oceans work as a buffer? I'm not sure if 'buffer' is the correct word, but with buffer i mean a substance, which exists out of a weak acid and it's conjucated base in an equal scale. I thank you in advance, Yasha :smile:
  2. Astrophysics

    AI in traffic

    Does anyone have any information about the latest AI developments in traffic? I thanks you in advance, Astrophysics
  3. Astrophysics

    Mass and space

    A question has been bothering me for some time and I haven't been able to find an anwser to it yet, so I was wondering if you might know the anwser. Why is it that for example a white dwarf hasn't become a black hole, while other stars which have a lot less mass do become black holes? I...
  4. Astrophysics

    Exactly what anti-matter is

    Before the summerholidays I asked my physics teacher what anti-matter is and like always she didn't know . So now I'm asking you guys if you know exactly what anti-matter is and how we can make it useful. I thank you in advance, Astrophysics
  5. Astrophysics

    Logic: the battle of the sexes

    Some of you who might know me a bit, might know that I like chess a lot and now and then read something about the latest events in the chessworld. While I was playing chess last night I suddenly wondered if females have another way of logical thinking than males. Because in the chessworld men...
  6. Astrophysics

    The question is: When?

    When do you think type one civilization will be reached? I think we'll reach type one civilization will be reached in 50 years top and I think that whenever we will reach this we can reach type two civilization very quickly, maybe in about 10/20 years after we've reached type one...
  7. Astrophysics

    Book on energy?

    Could someone please recommend me an excellent book on the subject Energy? I thank you in advance, Astrophysics
  8. Astrophysics

    Many of you have a title

    A while back, after looking at several names and avaters, I noticed that many of you have a title below theire nicknames and above theire avaters. Could someone please tell me how I can get one too? I thank you in advance, Astrophysics
  9. Astrophysics

    Any ideas?

    At school we have been given a very important research assignment, but my team-mates (we work in groups) and I don't have a subject to research on. Does anyone have any ideas? My team-mates and I would really appreciate it. We were thinking about researching something on rocketfuel (or just...
  10. Astrophysics

    Majors Astrophysics and Theoretical physics

    Hello everyone, Since I haven't seen any introductions section here (like the one has) I was hoping that members could introduce themeselves in this thread so everyone can get to know eachother better, especially new members like myself. Let me introduce myself first, My name...
  11. Astrophysics

    Seeking the unknown in the known (part 1, energy)

    A few years ago it came to my attention that everything somehow always related to energy. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I don't understand what energy actually is . There isn't a very good explanation of energy in my physics textbooks, only the basic stuff about...