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    Early Earth Atmosphere

    If Mars used to have a denser atmosphere in the past, could Earth have had one as well?
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    Moons of moons?

    Does anybody know if it is even possible for a planetary moon to have a moon of its own orbiting it?
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    Time relations

    If quasars are appearing to travel at almost the speed of light from us, what would the relative time frames between us be.
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    Radio laser

    Has anyone created a radio laser, if not why not if you know...
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    Moon moving away

    I hear that the moon is steadily moving away from the earth. Is it due to the suns gravity? Will it eventually go out of earth orbit and circle the sun on its own? Would there be any chance of a posssible collision with earth if this happened or would it leave earth orbit at its closest...
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    Photons and black holes

    Does a black hole bend the space that photons travel in so that they are bent towards it? How would gravity attract a photon if they have no actual regular mass? Also, are neutrinos attracted to black holes and sucked in (theoretically?)
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    Interstellar gas cloud [Broken] At the above link, it appears there is a high temperature cloud of gas has been colliding with the solar system. What could keep a cloud of gas at such a high temperature in the interstellar medium?
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    Chat seems to be down.

    Yup sure does. :)
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    Gravity goes weird?,12243,1302857,00.html Interesting stuff. :)
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    Speed of light

    the speed of light is 186000 mps or some such compared to what? :)
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    Anyone know how much xenon is in our atmosphere?

    anyone know how much xenon is in our atmosphere? This is where we get it right?
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    Space elevator and ionoshphere

    space elevator and ionosphere would a space elevator short circuit the 250,000 volt difference between the earth and the ionoshere making it dangerous?
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    Radioactivity and density

    What is it about the density of a substance that makes it more resistant to allowing radioactivity to pass through it? Since most of the atom is empty space?
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    Green stars?

    in some photos, mixed among the red white and blue stars, are green stars. Any idea what causes this?
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    My UFO encounter

    My "UFO" encounter At the request of Ivan Seeking I am describing my UFO encounter. It was not very spectacular so sorry if anyone was expecting something dramatic. :) I was taking out the trash sometime around the early eighties when I looked up at the sky and saw something like a star...
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    Ambulance noise on computer

    My computer makes an ambulance like noise every 5 or ten minutes. Any idea what this could be?
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    Medical Genetic engineering and third world medicine

    I just had a lovely idea. Perhaps they could take edible plants, such as tea bushes, and genetically engineer them to make antibiotics. That way people, such as the yanomamo, could plant some of these perrenials near their campsites and chew them or make a tea when they get sick and not have...
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    Single atom

    If there is a single atom of water or some substance, can it have the properties of a solid gas or liquid? Or is it a seperate state?
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    Theory development

    Why can't we post new threads in theory development anymore? Why does the general relativity sticky say we should if it is speculative? This new policy is horrible unless you simply cant afford the space. Your high standards are going to make this a place where average people, like me, can no...
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    Time and acceleration

    Why is time relative when an accelerating body could be seen as accelerating away from another body at exactly the same speed as the body from which one is accelerating away from is speeding away from the first body? I. e. the bodies could be seen as accelerating away from each other at the...
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    Gravity and acceleration

    If an accelerating body is identical to gravity, does this means scientists are leaning towards acceleration having to do with a somehow greater exchange of "gravitons?" Else not identical according to quantum theory?
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    Gravity and angular momentum

    Is angular momentum a push and gravity a pull? I just thought there might be unforseen differences in human reaction on a spinning space station.
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    Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites?

    Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites? Maybe they are merely complimentary and this is why they seek each other and are not opposites?
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    New category?

    I wanted to post an article on exobiology/xenobiology today and couldn't find a category to post it in where it really fit. Perhaps you could do a sub forum (like biology is, or celestial mechanics) that deals with extraterresrial life. You know, the "are we alone" stuff. Thank you
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    Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Found?

    NEWS FROM THE SPIE CONFERENCE IN DENVER, 2-3 AUG 2004: Cyanobacteria found in a meteorite: At a conference in Denver today [2 Aug 2004], NASA's Richard Hoover announced evidence of a fossilized cyanobacterial mat in the Orgueil carbonaceous meteorite. His pictures of forms in the meteorite...
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    Simple photon question pt 2

    What exactly does the wavelength of a photon denote? Vibration, pulsation? Why does the smaller wavelengths connote higher energies? What is it about high energies that causes smaller wavelengths?
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    On space

    Perhaps space doesn't exist apart from matter and energy? I. e. matter and energy aren't in space, matter and energy are space? Maybe silly I know.
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    Simple photon question

    why is light refereed to as the electromagnetic spectrum when light carries no charge and is unaffected by magnets?
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    Mad cow disease prions

    In mad cow disease, perhaps the prions cause the brains naturally similar proteins to change into the new form because the new form is somehow more efficient to reproduce than the other, natural form. Perhaps it could be the path of least resistance for the brain to produce the protein in the...
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    Fields and energy

    Could there be a field that is capable of doing no work, which makes it not energy, which is what interferes with itself in the double slit experiment? Perhaps particles travel along the path of least resistance in this field? Okay so I'm a novice already... :)