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    Differential equation

    somebody slove this differential equations 1/y' = (1/y)+(1/x) thanx in advance
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    Gene interaction

    Can somebody give me good reference and links for gene interaction.I am in dire need of it. Regards drdolittle
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    Inverse Laplace transform

    Can somebody help me to find the inverse laplace transform of these functions exp(sqrt(1+s)) sqrt(1+s)) I tried solving these using matlab and mathematica,it is unable to give a result. Do they contain any closed form solution or should i have to go for a numerical technique to solve...
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    Different types of available genes

    I have two important questions. First one is,Can somebody supply me any link or information about different types of available genes.for example during learning proces the genes that are responsible for this particular action.likewise all the actions that we do and the genes responsible for...
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    Diophantine equations

    Can somebody tell me the implementation of DIOPHANTINE EQUATIONS.Is that associated with number theory.
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    Human genome project

    Can somebody help me in giving information about the results of Human Genome Project.i hope there ultimate aim is to find out all the possible combinations of available 30000-400000 chromoomes in human body.Were they able to draw the expected results? My second question is whether any possible...
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    Talking about Quantum physics

    people are talking about Quantum physics and many such things.But what thay are proving now is what is already told by spiritual leaders of Hinduism,taoism long time back....where is this leading to?