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    Why does math work in our reality?

    I’m reviewing my mathematics knowledge, except I’m looking for a different reason. I understand how it works you know, 1 plus 1 so on, I’m trying to understand why it works. Pure and applied mathematicians and physicists have tied our understanding of reality with mathematics. They believe...
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    Chemical detection by irrediation?

    Some complex/man made molecules decompose so as to leave detectable components. The detection of these components may be accomplished by QA or a good nose. However, is it possible to irradiate the suspected components with a resonant energy thereby exposing it’s existence?
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    Regarding obscure music

    I'm wondering what happened to the minimalist music of several years ago. It allowed one to concentrate and actually enjoy the changes. The changes caused me react differently than to what may be considered standard musical format. Much different than say to Mozart conpositions, or to Queen's...
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    Nanotechnology and it's applications

    Surely the computer will become the single most important development in the past century. However an off-shoot of atomic fission may in a superficial way point to as dramatic discovery. "If you get enough bodies working towards a common goal then it will be accomplished." Nanotechnology has at...