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    Analysis Good supplementary real analysis book

    So the course I'm taking doesn't have a textbook requirement just lecture notes as the study material. While these are sufficient I would like to supplement with an outside reference that is a bit more in depth / explanatory. It's your typical undergrad real analysis course covering: The least...
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    Abstract algebra

    I'm taking an abstract algebra course that uses Hungerford's "An Introduction to Abstract Algebra" 3rd Ed. And while I feel like I'm following the material sufficiently and can do most of the proofs it's hard to learn and practice the material without a solutions guide. How am I supposed to know...
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    Show the gravitional field is conservative

    In my calculus textbook (section on vector calc) it is showing that the gravitational field is conservative. I followed fine except for the first part, defining the scalar function f. Showing the field is conservative went something like this: f(x,y,z) = MM'G/\sqrt{x^2+y^2+z^2}...
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    Projectile motion

    I've put the problem statement below and worked it out. I typically don't post questions like this as they're a lot to go through, but I am wondering if I have worked the problem correctly as my book does not have the solution and I feel like I am not understand the material correctly. 1...
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    Classical Mathematics for E&M

    Can anyone recommend a good book that deals with the mathematics of E&M? I've read through my calculus books and feel like I understand the material there and can solve the problems. However, when it comes to it's applications in electricity and magnetism I find that I have enormous difficulty...
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    Electrical Potential Energy of three quark system

    Homework Statement A proton is composed of three quarks: two "up" quarks, each having charge +2e/3, and one "down" quark, having charge -e/3. Suppose that the three quarks are equidistant from one another. Take the distance to be 3×10-15 m and calculate the potential energy of the subsystem of...
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    Charge on q from other charges given net force is zero

    Homework Statement Consider the figure below, we need to find the charge on Q_0, both charges Q are negative. It is given that the net charge on Q_A is zero. The figure of the problem is attached. The Attempt at a Solution I understand how to get the solution except for one part. I'm just...
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    Maximizing x-component of force

    A charge Q is placed at a distance a = 3m and a charge q is placed at a distance b For what value(s) of b is the x-component of the force maximized? I know to maximize the force we need to maximize F_Qq = k Qq b/(3^2 + b^2)^{3/2}. To do this we need to set the first derivative to zero and...
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    Force at center of cube due to four charges of equal mag.

    Homework Statement Four charges of 2*10^-7 are placed on the corners of one face of a cube of 15 cm. A charge of -2 * 10^-7 C is placed at the center of the cube. What is the force on the charge at the center of the cube? Homework Equations F = k q_1*q_2/r^2 The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Calculating magnitude of electric field at center of square

    Homework Statement Find the magnitude and direction of net electric field at the center of the square array of charges. Find E_x and E_y The square array of charges The Attempt at a Solution [/B] My attempt at drawing in the force vectors...
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    Mass changed if q is produced by adding to electrons mass

    Can someone walk me through calculating the final step in this problem. Problem statement: If the charge q is produced by adding electrons to the mass, by how much will the mass be changed? It was calculated that the charge q is 2.374 * 10^-7 C which is correct and I know that we need to...
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    Using Gauss' law for spherical charge distribution

    Homework Statement The Earth is constantly being bombarded by cosmic rays, which consist mostly of protons. Assume that these protons are incident on the Earth’s atmosphere from all directions at a rate of 1366. protons per square meter per second. Assuming that the depth of Earth’s atmosphere...
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    Series Tests and Taylor Series

    Have a quick question about taylor series. We covered taylor series somewhat in class, but there was a complete lack of explanation and our calculus book literally covers the topic in a single page. I understand the idea of a taylor series and how its related to a power series, but what I don't...
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    Graph theory applications

    Im not entirely sure what section of PF this post should be in so I apologize in advance if this is not in the correct section. I dont know that much graph theory or the various fields that it can be applied to, but I do know that graph theory can be used in social media etc by using dynamic...
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    Apostol Calulus Voume1 I 2.4 question 9

    1. Compute the area of the region S between the graphs of f and g over the interal [a,b] specified in each case Make a sketch of the two graphs and indicate S by shading. Question 9 -F(x)=x^2 g(x)=x+1,a =-1, b = (1+√5)/2 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think...
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    Good affordable laptop for college student?

    Can anyone out there recommend an affordable laptop for a college student. Going in as a physics/math major so needs to be able run mathematica and similar programs decently. This is the one I was thinking about going with. Thoughts...
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    Is this proof correct?

    1. Question I 3.12 from Apostle's calculus volume 1 If x is an arbitrary real number, prove that there are integers m and n such that m<x<n 2. Theorem I.27:Every nonempty set S that is bounded below has a greatest lower bound; that is, there is a real number such that L= infS...
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    Schools College Guidance

    Okay the time has come where deposits are soon to be due. However, I'm still stuck between two schools USC and Roanoke. Links for each are below. I have other college options but they are party schools and dont make sense academically / career wise. I...
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    Schools College physics program

    Got offered a dean's award from here - What do you think of their physics program?
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    Spivak's Calculus Prologue Problem 3 (v)

    Here's my attempt at this proof. Is this correct? Homework Statement Prove \frac{a}{b}/\frac{c}{d} = \frac{ad}{bc} Homework Equations P 1-12 The Attempt at a Solution \frac{a}{b}/\frac{c}{d} = \frac{ad}{bc} \frac{a}{b}/\frac{c}{d} = (ad)(bc)^{-1}...
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    Statistical Physics

    Could someone explain what this branch of physics encompasses? Is it just using statistics and probabilities to explain phenomena?
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    Self study help

    I'm a senior in high school and dislike the way physics is taught. I find the textbooks to be too watered down and lacking in mathematical rigor. My plan is to major in physics when I go to college, so I've decided to self study physics in my spare time. I've browsed around the forums here...