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    Maxima and Minima of a function of several variables

    Homework Statement Find the maxima and minima of: f(x,y)=(1/2)*x^2 + g(y) g∈⊂ (δ⊂ ℝ ) in this region Ω={(x,y)∈ℝ2 / (1/2)*x^2 + y^2 ≤ 1 } hint: g: δ⊆ ℝ→ℝ The absolute min of f in Ω is 0 The absolute max of f in Ω is 1 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I have the...
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    Problem reading thermodynamic tables

    Hi!! I have trouble understanding this: Given Temperature: If pressure < saturation pressure => Overheated Vapor If pressure > saturation pressure =>Compressed Liquid Why does this happen?? Thanks in advance!!
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    Looking for problems with AC circuits

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any guides with problems and exercises relating AC circuits (capacitors and inductors), circuits with phasors and real, reactive, and apparent powers. I do not need the answers, I just need a selection of exercises to study from there.
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    Mass of a block floating over a heterogeneous density bar

    Hi!! I just wanted to ask something. If i have a block, that is resting on the left side of a bar, and everything is floating on water, how can I calculate the mass (m) of that block? (I have the mass of the bar (M) and the volume on the block (V))