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    Will ferromagnetic dust retain magnetism in molten aluminum?

    Curie temperature for magnetite is 858 C, for iron 1043 C. Duralumin melting point is about 630 C. Does this mean that if I take a small silicone mold, place a magnet underneath it, add ferromagnetic powder to the mold and then pour molten aluminum in, I will get the aluminum detail with...
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    Why does matter tear?

    Imagine an axe going through a sheet of metal, both made of the same probe. On the basic level of language - the axe goes through the sheet. On the next level of language - due to pressure, delivered by the edge of the blade, the bonds between the molecules of the metal sheet begin to tear. But...
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    What chem reactn gives the highest rate of photons emssn/t ?

    I was trying to google it, but coudn't find any specific answer. Oxidation of Magnesium, for example, emits a lot of light. Is there a table of reactions by high much light they create ? What chemical reaction emits the highest number of photons per unit per time ? Thank you.